Final Redemption

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A joint effort between Xenogenocide and DarKsidE555. This one took a good while to complete but it's finally done! A LOT of blood, sweat, beers and "green stuff" went into this and we hope that you'll enjoy it to the fullest!

It's a melodic deathmetal influenced song with a couple of metalcore outbursts in which we give away several guitar playing techniques such as normal soloing, sweep soloing (Xenogenocide), hammerings and simple tapping (DarKsidE555) for example. Grind the axe! \m/

So, who did what?

Xenogenocide - original idea, mixing, drums, leads and rhythm guitar
DarKsidE555 - bass, bitching about xeno's mixing, leads and rhythm guitar

The story behind it:

A man facing his inner struggles...The tune starts out with a blast which describes his twisted cogitations that are tossed around by none other than himself. After the short breakdown, the first segment of the song deals with his constant thoughts about the mistakes he made in life and how many people had to suffer because of them. He can't feel sorry though...but he knows that he has to change, no matter how much it will cost...In the second segment, he tries to become a new person...but...is it even possible for him? Can he leave his old self behind?...More and more he finds out that he just can not change no matter how hard he tries which leaves him with nothing but emptiness and self-abandonment in the end...

What the authors have to say:

Xenogenocide sez:

Originally, I intended for this to be a usual one of my solo projects. But I ended up making the decision to send the first ideas out to random people for ideas on mixing and playing. Then out of the blue, Dark just suddenly said "Hey! I love this idea, let me collabs with yous! :3".
As I had already pretty much nailed the main riffs down, I didn't leave much room for Dark to work his magic (sorry about that dude) so I gave him the opportunity to make up some crazy lead shit and work that mother fuckin' finger pluckin' bass! >:3
I believe this to have turned out a truly awesome job for what 2 people have done living about 800 miles apart!
I will admit though, my mixing was terrible at first, until I finally came up with the solution of compressing it in audacity to give it that consistency in clipping control.

Visit http://xenogenocide.newgr ounds.com/ for pr0ns lol

DarKsidE555 sez:

Xeno sent me a little preview of the song or better to say the idea he had in mind and I instantly fell in love with it. It totally matched my style and I was lucky that he asked me out for the collab. I also have to admit that Xenogenocide did the majority of this tune. Before I could even lay a hand on it, he nearly had everything hands down and it was pretty awesome even without my input. None the less we reworked a couple of things and it turned out kick ass so all in all I hope that you'll enjoy your stay! ;) Don't forget to visit !!! http://darkside555.newgro unds.com/ !!!...Huh? What was that? A sequel? Who knows...

Xeno sez again: Ooooh a sequel! Gimme! :D

BONUS: You can find the original idea for the song here: http://media.putfile.com/
AND an idea for a sequel here: http://media.putfile.com/

Copyright claim:
Final Redemption is © Xenogenocide & DarKsidE555 / 2008


Great song.

This is definitely one of my favorite songs on here. Has a nice rhythm, the genre doesn't fully strike me as heavy metal, as it's not as heavy or intense, but this is definitely a metal genre of some sort. Does have a hint of DragonForce to it though, which strike off as power metal. It's not overpowering though to make it power metal. Don't know what it is, but I like it.



DAAMMMM!!! Nice job!

Serious i can listen to this song for a long time! Make more of this and i sure will listen to it.

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Right on

I'm gonna give you a 10. Not because I particularly liked this to death, but it's a solid song and better than a lot of the stuff I hear on the AP, and from what it seems, you must have definitely spent a lot of time on this.The drums technicality was great. I'm not huge on the generic 1-3 bass 2-4 snare beat. I LOVED the sweep picking at 2:12, and I enjoyed a lot of the riffs. So great job. Keep up the good work

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this is one of the best (or even the best) song i've ever heard on NG...
the sound is so clear, the riffs are awesome and i like the drums a lot =)

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Apr 4, 2008
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