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~{HN}~The Twisted Symphony

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Author Comments

My friend is well in his way to selling a game idea to a big company for the DS, and he has me first in mind to start composing for all his games, so he wanted me to brush back upon my classical pieces for his rpg that he is developing, so this here is about the first minute that i have so far of the piece. Maybe a bit too epic and complex for an rpg, but mainly its just to get back into the feel for classical. Hope yall enjoy, and maestro, im hopin you drop a review on this one XD

~Edit~ Sorry folks. Thanks a million for the haste on the votes! muchly appreciated, but here is the actual files i wanted to post. its gota good 20 seconds more to it, so please give it another go! and for those who havent heard it yet, i hope you enjoy! more to come later!



For a RPG? Sounds good enough. Makes me think of the king's daughter theme, she playing in the backyard full of flowers and butterflies. For the intro it sounds more like an overworld theme, but when the flute comes out it really sounds like a girl theme. The violins and brass in the background is what distinguish her royalty.
It loops perfectly too. I'm intrigued to hear the full version.

As a song this is great, but there is something that worries me about being a videogame piece: The main melody sounds like a fuge, you really can't pick a specific melody due to many instruments playing another one. I really think you should improve a more involving melody. It's a videogame song, so it should stay in your head. That's one of the most important aspects about videogame soundtracks.

But still, it's a great piece. I really liked it.


Twistedtechnology responds:

as it seems to be commonly mistaken, this particular piece wanst originally intended to be placed in the game XD But if you see the it could fit into one then i wouldnt mind adopting it into the game at all. I can definitely see this as a princess theme.

But to me, rather than her being in a garden with flowers and butterflies *not to say thats not a bad vision, because it totally works, for a young princess*, but more as a princess walking down the isle on her wedding day, making her way slowly to her prince with a glow so magnificant that all the room can feel her warmth. And the only reason i come up with that *for the most part* is because everytime the melodies resolve themselves before starting anew, i believe i borrowed that particular sequence of notes from a song i heard in church ages ago.
So with the image of a church so fresh in my mind, thats how i come to that idea, and i also feel that all the intruments depict very clearly the emotions that would be going through her mind, as well as her subjects'. I have the whole scene painted to bright in my head right now its kinda scary XD

But anyhow, its also kind of a fluke that it loops so well, i guess i tried to end it on a chord that would lead back into the opening chord, mainly so as not to have it feel so cut off when posted here, but also because i knew the song wasnt done, and interesting stuff can be done from this point. Im most appriciative of your review good sir!!! I thank you kindly for your vote of five, and will make as much haste as i can to get the full version out to you and the rest of NG asap.

Your music is wonderful btw, had i the time i'd review each and every one of them, but alas time is something i dont have too much of anymore! :P

Thanks again sir, and happy composing to you!

Magnicifent Tune

I like the traditional classical style you did with this number! It's a a wonderful little loop. I don't really know how to follow up a review from THE MAN himself, but here it goes!

I actually can see a bunch of royal British people eating dinner on a large table, a butler serving them tender lamb, while drinking fine wines and sipping tea with their pinkies raised, munching on a delicate buttered crumpet or two. IMO I think its perfect for a scene while the character's exploring about a castle gathering info about a grand event or regal ceremony in town. Very relaxing and easy to listen to, would be great music to study with as well.

Instrumentation was done great. Like the violas (or whatever string instrument it is) to start the piece, the flutes playing during the less layered parts, while the strings and horns move exceptionally well in the background. Panning seems done rather well and mixed up to reach adequate levels to simulate a realistic symphony, nicely. Composition is ace, melody is a great start to a tune with. The flute and strings (and strings and horns in the second part) harmonize and compliment each other quite well. I also like how the lower string voice moves in the background at 00:24, it sparks a sense of hastiness.

as for criticism, nothing much can be said reallly. all in all, it is short but developed good for the time it was built in. some drums wouldnt hurt in here, like a light timpani hit or roll when transitioning to sections with a cymbal used sparingly too (or this could be expanded with when you make this longer). To me that chord you end on could be a more resolving a chord (two notes down or three notes up would more fit the tonal presence you've established in this piece methinks); but I happen to say that to A LOT of people so feel free to ignore me here :D and it doesnt matter either if you make it longer, just feels a bit chopped off.

anyways, marvelous work TT, this will be a definite addition for my favs once you make the full version (and I don't even like this type of classical that much) !

Twistedtechnology responds:

freakin sweet. i made ur faves with a subgenre you dont even much care for XD I know how you feel about the unresolving note....and actually i left it there to see if you'd pick on me for it :P guess it worked ^^ all in good fun sir. i was thinking about throwing some percussion indeed. Definatly a cymbal here and there.

And omg ur view on the song was actually close to what i came up with. mine was a bunch of british people in one of those super fancy balls, all dancing in circles, with the one arm beind ther back and the other placed on the partners hand in front of them. close huh? XD Thanks a ton for the review. I greatly appreciate both of yall's opinions and any help that yall can spare. it means a ton.

Very solid, loops well

Hey TT!

Wanted a review, so here I r!

First this song loops flawlessly, so hats off for that. I'm excited to hear you have such an excellent opportunity to try your hand at some game development work! The experience will leave you all the wiser I assure you!

It would be easier to give you tips/suggestions if I knew what exactly this song was designed for. I know it's a practice piece but from now on every practice piece you make, you should have a goal for it. It's no longer enough to just practice, as a potential game composer you must take all sorts of visuals and weave them into your music to compliment the imagery.

From this piece I get a sense of village. A home of sorts. The flute and strings give me a more rural vibe then an urban one, so I assume we are in some kind of village. I also don't know if DS has the ability to play high quality samples. We're probably thinking some kind of advanced midi? If that is the case you've got your work cut out for you TT, making midi samples are difficult in the sense you can't rely on textures and timbres of instruments, more so just their sounds alone.

In terms of suggestions... hmmm. You've got good melody here, I wish I could offer you more criticism, but this little snippet is very straight forward, with no real flaw to it. I'd love to take a listen to other works you're developing and help you out there, just be sure to provide as much info as possible so I can make the suggestions as relevant as possible!

Keep up the good fight TT! Keep em coming!

Twistedtechnology responds:

I shall now take your advice (as i always have) and start weaving specific images
into my songs.
As for a goal for this specific piece, i was trying for just an orchestral piece, cuz i had just gotten done watching august rush for the third time (my favorite movie of all time) and wanted to see if i could pan the instruments and alter the velocities to get it to sound like a small symphony was being recorded. As with my last techno song with the filter experimentation, this was more or less an experiment with instrument location and volume levels, trying to create the illusion of insrument location. through headphones i think i've come pretty close, but as always there's room for improvement.

It means a lot that you came by and dropped a review XD I always look forward to hearing what you have to say about my music because i basically hold you high above all other composers on the internet in my books XD

Thanks for the advice my friend! I shall take it to heart and mind and pracitce diligently for time to come at painting specific scenes and images. and even if its for the DS, im sure nintendo would try to offer him a Wii or gamecube version alongside it. If its been good enough to make companies turn and say "wtf how?" then im sure he would not be entirely limited to one gaming platform XD

Thanks again my friend!!


This is a piece that you would hear if you were say...

Traveling the world map...
In a town...

Not all pieces have to be epic.

This is real good though. What did you use to make this?

Keep up the good work man!


Twistedtechnology responds:

this specific piece, again, is not with the game in mind, this piece is designed (not only for listeners enjoyment,) for me to get back into the feel for classic-esque pieces, that would better fit the game. perhaps epic wasn't the right term for it, because we can all tell its in no way epic, and i agree, not all songs have to be epic at all to still be a wonderful piece.

As for this song, i used Fl studio 7 with East West's Quantom Leap symphonic orchestra gold edition :)

thanks a lot for your time and review! glad you enjoyed it and i hope you keep an eye out for the full song!

Epic??? Complex???

Not very epic
Not very complex
Great begininning for a Classical Piece
But i'm not impressed(yet), i think you couldve/should do, a lot more with this piece

Twistedtechnology responds:

if you didnt completely read the post below the video player, this song is far from being completed. Its neither complex nor epic in regards to an actual classical piece, but what i was more refering to was the fact that the song is a bit to active for a video game designed for a nintendo DS.

Just give me a bit of time and i'll have the rest of it up, and I'll be waiting for (hopefully) a better review :P

"this is only the first minute or so i have so far of the piece"


thanks for the review regardless!

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Apr 2, 2008
1:58 PM EDT
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