*What Have I Done? *

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I finally finished it! After 3 days of work, I am finally calling this song done!

I won't lie... I am absolutely in love with this song. This is the first song I am truly happy with that I created on my own. And I've been screwin around with music creation since around 1999. So, I hope everyone who listens to this enjoys it as much as I do.

There is no real story to the song, just a sort of theme. The theme is of course regret. The way I built it has a timeline that goes Present, to Past and then back to Present again. With any luck, people will be able to hear the timeline within the song itself.

I'm also interested in hearing the scenarios that people think of when they hear this song. My partner Josh (kelwynshade) thought up the scenario of a king that had just lost a war and was staring down at his destroyed city with it's dying or dead inhabitants lying in the streets. To me, things like that give the song more character and make it that much more enjoyable, so feel free to post what you see when you hear this!

I've talked enough, so lastly I just want to thank Josh for helping me find some good percussion to throw into the song, it really made a difference, and thanks to my friends that put up with me nagging them for their thoughts on the song in general, lol.

Also... if you like this song... go check out Josh's (kelwynshade) song Path of Memories. It was a big influence for me when I made this.

And I'm out!


EDIT: holy crap! best of the week?! wow, there's an honor i never expected to get, lol. Well thanks to everyone again who pushed me to actually finish a song, and thanks to everyone who took the time to review and offered their constructive criticism!



Can somone tell me what programe you use this is ..... amazing all your songs are great !!!

KTRECORDS responds:

Fruity Loops. Glad you like it!


I can see what you meen

This song is amazing. Put it with Sub-Genius's story and it goes way beyond that. The scene it created almost brought a tear to my eye.

I like the overall texture.

Normally, with sad music, I either see an anhilated battle field, or a flashback sequence of a tragic character. This one has a slight flair to it that has several possible stories. Inlcuding being mere background music for a deserted village, it has several possibilities.

Like I said, I'm not getting a mantage out of this one, but a theme of sorts. It seems to describe someone or someplace... Ah, there it is.

Now, I've gone and found a story. An ancient and technologically advanced civilization has, instead of collapsing, grown to enclose the entire world and part of the solar system. But, with its growth, this civilazation has become oppressive and its ideals have warped to no more than a dim utopia. Eventually, internal strife and deprivation of culture has caused it to come close to collapsing in the present. There is no small rebel force, just general discontent. I'm seeing a kind of dark distopian utopia, where the basic needs of the upper class are met, and the lower classes are reduced to just taking care of the machinations that feed the fat cats. There is no end in sight to this broken system.

My thoughts were a little redundant, and I swear I contradicted myself more than once, but there it is. You were right to reccomend this one, I could make up several stories to go along with it, only thing is they'd all be tragic.

That said, I can clearly make out the voice instrument, that version of it detracts a tad but not much. It's like the river bed rock in an arrow head collection: hard to tell, but there's something a little off.

"Music is just another form of art. And there's a little something they say about art, you know. Art is never finished, it is abandoned."

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Desperate Times, Changes Times

I see a successful businessman, he is at a party celebrating his company's 20th year in businesss. He is also celebrating his retirement. However looking back on his life he regrets his past. What he did to the innocent people to get to where he is today... he still fears that his past will catch up with him, even though traces of his existence in his past are gone there is still a chance that someone will find out. All he knows is that desperate times called for desperate measures, and with that knowledge he could change time and make his future brighter... but is it truly a spotlight in which he is satisfied with?

I must say this was a beautiful piece, however I don't think it belongs in the Video Game genre, more like the Classical genre. I hope he'll forgive me for this, but this could give MaestroRage a run for his money. I could see the times between past, present, and then back to the present, but what you and others did not realize was that the present in the past-tense is the future. Regret, turmoil, and all for what. Although my message doesn't seem clear in my "scenario" it will set in one's mind upon reading it.

As a critic you have captured my mind today and put it in a place that I was happy to visit, yet sad to visit at the same time. I thank you for putting me through this, but at the same time hate you for it. You have made today a masterful song and I can't wait to hear your next great piece, I can see why you are proud of this.


Death & Regret

This would rather remind me of some Death scene where the killed one is telling of his regret of actions with his last breath.
And the after the fallen one is dead the music continues to keep the emotional state..

Thats more what i think of it...

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