*What Have I Done? *

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I finally finished it! After 3 days of work, I am finally calling this song done!

I won't lie... I am absolutely in love with this song. This is the first song I am truly happy with that I created on my own. And I've been screwin around with music creation since around 1999. So, I hope everyone who listens to this enjoys it as much as I do.

There is no real story to the song, just a sort of theme. The theme is of course regret. The way I built it has a timeline that goes Present, to Past and then back to Present again. With any luck, people will be able to hear the timeline within the song itself.

I'm also interested in hearing the scenarios that people think of when they hear this song. My partner Josh (kelwynshade) thought up the scenario of a king that had just lost a war and was staring down at his destroyed city with it's dying or dead inhabitants lying in the streets. To me, things like that give the song more character and make it that much more enjoyable, so feel free to post what you see when you hear this!

I've talked enough, so lastly I just want to thank Josh for helping me find some good percussion to throw into the song, it really made a difference, and thanks to my friends that put up with me nagging them for their thoughts on the song in general, lol.

Also... if you like this song... go check out Josh's (kelwynshade) song Path of Memories. It was a big influence for me when I made this.

And I'm out!


EDIT: holy crap! best of the week?! wow, there's an honor i never expected to get, lol. Well thanks to everyone again who pushed me to actually finish a song, and thanks to everyone who took the time to review and offered their constructive criticism!


I am suddenly filled with a sense of deep regret

This song would go perfectly with a scene of regret...pain...and suffering.

Like a Guy walking though the rain...holding a single rose...the thorns piercing deeply into his hands...the blood dripping down only gives him a painful distraction to the loss of his love in that fatal accident.

He looks in the alley way...thats where he had the flash back....

He and his girl were walking home from the theaters...suddenly...a group of guys rush him...he is taken into the back of the alley and his girlfriend is taken behind the corner....he's beaten up quite badly...and falls on the ground passing out...all he could hear was the struggles that his dear friend was making trying to escape...and calling out his name.

When he awoke...he got up...and walked up to her..only to find her body...lifeless.

She gave it her all....to try and save him...but lost her life stuggling.

"Why couldn't I protect her....as she tried so hard to protect me....."

KTRECORDS responds:

Holy crap that's deep! It's great! I can picture the whole thing! Man, that really is depressing... Lol, I almost feel bad for writing the song now.

Thanks for the great review! It makes me feel that putting all the effort into this song was worth it! Have a great day : )


asasdfklw....Lost for words on this.

I adore this piece of music; and with each update on it; it's just gotten better.

I still imagine seeing the suffering going through my family at the moment throughout it. When you hear the repeated riff on it's own I see myself looking into my mind, and when you hear it build up, I see gradually more and more unravelled in my life. From the loss of friends, the rejections of relationships, and the divorce of my niece's parents, of whom I don't want her to have any harm brought to.

I love this song insanely much for this piece of music.

KTRECORDS responds:

Wow, that fits this song pefectly! I wish I could do flash, because I would totally do a flash video of your life to this song, lol.

I wish you and your fam the best of luck. My parents divorced, but fortunatly I wasn't at a fragile age for it to ruin me, so I ended up ok... Well at least I think so, : P.

Thanks for stickin through the updates and a glad you enjoyed the song!



This song brings a great depression into my heart because it reminds me of the deaths of my Grandparents. By the way this song is incredible keep up the amazing work!

KTRECORDS responds:

I feel you for the death of grandparents, I still remember when my grandmother died years ago. I remember it was days before christmas and the way she died was horrible.

That a different story though, lol. Glad you liked the song! Keep checking back for hopefully more great music!

so sad

well all the work payed off its a great song i realy reminded me of lavits dieing in legend of the dragoon he was my favorit char and i promised my self i wasnt going to cry WHY DID THEY KILL HIM!!... WHY!!!!!

KTRECORDS responds:

I'm glad i'm not the only one that remembers the awesomeness that was Legend of the Dragoon. I remember I got all the way to the end of the game and ended up playing something else. I'm still mad at myself for never beating, lol. Anyways, glad you liked the song!


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