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*What Have I Done? *

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Author Comments

I finally finished it! After 3 days of work, I am finally calling this song done!

I won't lie... I am absolutely in love with this song. This is the first song I am truly happy with that I created on my own. And I've been screwin around with music creation since around 1999. So, I hope everyone who listens to this enjoys it as much as I do.

There is no real story to the song, just a sort of theme. The theme is of course regret. The way I built it has a timeline that goes Present, to Past and then back to Present again. With any luck, people will be able to hear the timeline within the song itself.

I'm also interested in hearing the scenarios that people think of when they hear this song. My partner Josh (kelwynshade) thought up the scenario of a king that had just lost a war and was staring down at his destroyed city with it's dying or dead inhabitants lying in the streets. To me, things like that give the song more character and make it that much more enjoyable, so feel free to post what you see when you hear this!

I've talked enough, so lastly I just want to thank Josh for helping me find some good percussion to throw into the song, it really made a difference, and thanks to my friends that put up with me nagging them for their thoughts on the song in general, lol.

Also... if you like this song... go check out Josh's (kelwynshade) song Path of Memories. It was a big influence for me when I made this.

And I'm out!


EDIT: holy crap! best of the week?! wow, there's an honor i never expected to get, lol. Well thanks to everyone again who pushed me to actually finish a song, and thanks to everyone who took the time to review and offered their constructive criticism!


I cant' belive....

This song actually made me cry. It made me think about how for some reason it just seems like some things won't work out for me and how when i keep trying to fix them it doesn't seem to work out. I keep trying over and over and it get's not better but worse........this song is absolutely amazing and you should never give up on making music for i think that (none offense made) WE would be hurt more than you would if u did, good luck Jason you'll do great things

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I cried when I listened to this... but then again, eating peppered beef jerky while my throat is bleeding probably wasn't a good idea, in hindsight.

This song is just amazing. I can actually hear time. You took something that most people don't even realize is a dimension, and represented it with music.

10/10, and I downloaded it instantly.

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KTRECORDS responds:

Lol, glad u liked it. I feel like i got pretty lucky on this one. The song seemed to write itself, therefore covering up my inexperience, lol. Hopefully I'll be able to write something as good as this one in the near future. Wish me luck!



like the storys and the song together they make me cry

The day of love and passion

I can hear the silence of the wind and the river,
I can see the birds feeding their young and I can feel my tears rolling,
tears that gather no happiness.
The silence was broken by the ring of my phone.
I picked it out of my pocket,
it was as heavy as lead.
I answered to hear her sweet as sugar voice,
and her face as if she was in front of me would be as beautiful as the angels,
her hair like gold shining in the sun,
her eyes the colour of the sky with no clouds,
her sugary voice sang out in my ears.
"I was crazy",
oh boy, she got that right!
I was crazily in love with her.
I dropped the phone.
It fell into the river and was imprisoned in destruction for ever.
I jumped with love and passion.
I fell with the wind whistling past and with the birds chirping,
then all was quiet for just three seconds,
then I hit the water with the river rushing past with such force
it was like I was soaring fast to the heavens.

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KTRECORDS responds:

Niiice. Lots of detail to give you a good feeling of what was happening. Thanks for sharing and feel free to check out our other music!



Here is what I think, a child who is now all grown up, comes back to her house which is now emtpy. The place she ranaway from because her parents had abused her, and saw no way out. Trapped in that house she called hell, until the police came and rescued her, but she had once again been thrown away. In the system she was quite and sometimes wished that she never had been born. If it wasn't for that policeman she wouldn't be here. She looks through her house, then she's in her room, and remembers the beating and the sexual abuse that her parents let her take. And yet she still loved them. Well, into her teenage years, going from foster home to foster home, she got more and more depressed. She wanted freedom, not sympthy that she got from other people. She got pregant when she was sixteen, and had a miscarriage. She was about to commit suidcide when her parents pumped her stomach. Now as an adult she carries scars from cutting, but now she regrets not that she never really had a childhood, or her parents weren't parents, or that she was never loved for who she is and not for her body, but she regret, not ever saying I love you. She heard the words from other people, but she never said it herself. Maybe she should've died, but now she's a wealthy women with adpoted kids of her own. It turns out with years of sexual abuse she had aquired AIDs. She curls up in her old bed and cries so much, that she knows that she will never get out of this bed. "I should've died here, everyone else did."

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KTRECORDS responds:

Man, that's pretty damn depressing, lol. Almost makes me feel bad for writing the song! Anyways, thanks for sharing, feel free to check out the rest of our stuff!



Have you played SSBB? Specifically, the Subspace Emissary (the adventure mode)? This song kinda makes me think of the Ancient Minister, and how he is sad how more and more ROBs have to be sacrificed. Very good job!

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KTRECORDS responds:

I rocked the shit out of SSBB. I actually took a whole week off of work so I could do nothing but play it, lmao. AAANNNNDDD Rob just happens to be my favorite character.
Anyways, yes. I can picture a sad rob montage going to this song. Especially the part where all the other Robs beat the crap out of him! Thanks for the review!


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Mar 31, 2008
1:10 PM EDT
Video Game
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