The Street Life

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the lyric sample at 0:56 is taken from Fat Boys- Stick'em
the song sampled the sample that i took from the song. Got it? lol

The rapper is Biggie Smalls from the Notorious B.I.G. and the song the lyrics are from is juicy, I obviously take no credit for the rapping.

a month of work. here you go.

ok, so there's a little syncing problems between the lyrics and intrumental in a few places, so I don't need you to point it out, there's nothing i can do, I've already fixed it to the greatest extent that i could.

***March 31, 2008***
I've fixed the syncing problems between the lyrics and instrumental.
Isn't that ironic compared to my previous statement?

***April 5th, 2008***
I've made good on everyone's reviews, and since you've complained there was not enough variety, I made more variety. three new drum loops and a new hat loop.

I just can't help but look back at my work and think to myself how well i did. I'm seriously happy with what I made here. I remixed the legendary words of Christopher Wallace, his legendary song Juicy. I just feel a strange feeling of harmony in my mind. I like it, considering how shitty i have felt mentally in these past two weeks. Somehow, i feel emotion coming from this song. A positive vibe.

cool, somebody just asked to use this song in a school project. I'll let ya know when(if) it gets put on newgrounds.

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Nice bro, keep making awesome songs man.


This song with its lyrics,beats,and life lessons is an awesome song.

nah man...

If you use Biggie you gotta make it sync man. Don't half ass it cause thats really offensive to his memory.

Anyway...people got to listen to the real song. I'm mad you didn't even credit the real song.

AfroShine responds:

maybe you should have read a little, stupid fuck, and yea it does sync. I wrote "The rapper is Biggie Smalls from the Notorious B.I.G. and the song the lyrics are from is juicy, I obviously take no credit for the rapping." that sounds like i gave credit.

and go ahead keep zeroing my shit.

Very good

This is alright. I feel like I've heard it before. It has a realy nice flow though.

AfroShine responds:

prolly cuz of the lyrics lol.

Great improvement, though melody could use more va

This definitely kinda sounds different to the version I downloaded a while back. Maybe it was before the 5th...

Anyways, the rapping is awesome, but you don't need me to tell you that.

I like the new beats you have going on, that pop up at 1:53 and various other section.

There's a fair bit of change in the drums now - some really tight loops and they never got too predictable or overly repetitive.

I still feel the piano melody is too overpowering and repetitive. If you were to work this up any further, I'd suggest trying a few different instruments for the melody and maybe maybe lowering the volume or cutting out the treble of the piano at points.

I really liked the part where you did that for the little sample.

It's an enjoyable tune and after getting this new version, I'll probably keep it.

You have every right to feel proud. I'd be really interested to know how you isolated the rapping.

A few changes in the melody (as well as the key change later on) would have helped it step up a notch though.

-Review request Club-

AfroShine responds:

yea i started getting really into this project so i did a lot of things to up the quality to better than most of what's submitted in this or the hip hop genre here on newgrounds. thanks for the criticism, i thrive on it.

forgot to tell you that i used audacity to isolate the lyrics. i just got the normal version and instrumental version, i inversed the instrumental version, and it cut out almost all of the instrumental part of the song. I've just found a few sites that will supply me with all the accapellas i could ever want, so i wont be doing that any time soon.

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