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EDIT: the finished song has been posted! go check it out and enjoy it!


Lol, this is the near complete version of my latest solo song. The other version I left at a painful cliffhanger, so I figured I should get back to work on it as soon as possible.

Anyways... I've got the song to the point where I feel the listener can imagine their own little story to go along with the song. I'm interested in hearing what kind of mental images people get when they hear this song... so do share! The way I have it set up is that there is an actual sense of time in the song. It starts out in the present (in whatever time frame u wish it to be), then it drifts to the past for awhile, almost like someone is reflecting on a painful memory, and then it goes back to the present again at the end of the song. Lemme know if you see it the same way!

Finally, there may be one more update before I can finally decide this song is finished. I might mess with the levels of the song a little bit more and I'm trying to convince Josh to try out a few ideas for percussion. Wish me luck, lol. He might be too busy practicing smash brothers to take the time the time to do percussion. Poor guy... he just doesn't realize that he'll never be able to beat me...

Enjoy the song!


Dude, awesome song. I love it.

"It starts out in the present (in whatever time frame u wish it to be), then it drifts to the past for awhile, almost like someone is reflecting on a painful memory, and then it goes back to the present again at the end of the song. Lemme know if you see it the same way!"

ROFLMAO now I can't see it any other way!!!!!!!

It does sound like that though when you put it the way you did...although I don't know if that would have came to mind otherwise. Sounds great none-the-less!

Perfect 10 in my books. You put in some nice time and effort into this one I can tell!

KTRECORDS responds:

Great! I'm glad you like it!
I'll admit, when I first started the song, I didn't really know how a story would flow with it. I sent an early version of it to Josh and he said it reminded him of a King that had just lost a war and he was standing out in a thunderstorm looking at his destroyed city with his head down in regret wishing things would have gone another way.
Josh's idea is what gave me the inspiration to finish the song the way I did. If it was Josh's story, it would start with the king looking at his destroyed city with the dead or dying inhabitants all around...then it would shift to the past and then the past plays through all the way back up to the present again. The present would have started again at around 2:37 in the song. Give it another listen and see if it all makes even more sense now : ) .
Thanks again for your great fun review!


It does have that sense of regret to the melody

Although I feel this is aimed towards videogames....some of the notes sounded a bit 8-bit...but only between the first 30 seconds.

KTRECORDS responds:

One of the instruments I wasn't too sure on keeping at first because I noticed that a few times it seemed a little fake. So I think I know what you are talking about. In the end it did more good than harm, so I went ahead and just left it as is. I do feel my song would fit perfectly in a video game though, you are right, lol.


very sad

it was sad... but brilliant, i cant wait to see if you make some changes

KTRECORDS responds:

Thank you! A lot of time was into the song, so your praise is much appreciated! The song is pretty near completion. As far as I know, the only changes I would make now are maybe a note here and there and the possibility of some percussion. Keep checking KTRECORDS for updates. Till then, check out Josh's stuff under kelwynshade. I would recommend path or memories first since that song's style had some influence when I made this one. Also check out Kaim Reborn and Through Schala's Eyes. They are both absolutely amazing!


i'm crying again

this is one of the few songs that make me cry

KTRECORDS responds:

I hope it wasn't cuz the song was bad, lol!

Glad you like it : )



...This is a beautiful song. it is very... sad... and causes me to look back at my sad memories. it is great. utterly beautiful.


btw: you wrote "the time" twice in your comments.
line 14.

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KTRECORDS responds:

Thank you :) . I have been putting a lot of effort into this song and it's nice to see that people are actually enjoying it. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have a final release within a couple days or so. Heck, it could even happen tonight for all I know!
I was pretty tired when I posted this since I had just gotten home from work... so if that's the only typo I had, then I consider myself lucky, lol. Thanks!


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