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I love The Mars Volta. I also love this song. Very much.

Ok so I've been grounded the past few days. Stuck in my cage like a steroid-injected chicken. And I've been spending a LOT of time on the new music. This song is now my favorite (how many times have I said that?).

I've always wanted to make music in the style of TMV but the closest I ever came was Inertia. And it only barely resembled TMV because it was a fast song. Well, this song is much more TMV-ish. Dissonance, saxiphone, and a Hammond B3 organ. The only thing missing is Omar's vocals... and Cedrics guitar for that matter. Well fuck! Without Omar and Cedric it's... nothing. Nothing at all! Ok I'll shut up now.

Please review! Even if you hate it, I dont care! Just give me your honest opinion.

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I wouldn't say it sounds anything like TMV. Just because you use similar instruments a high tempo or similar ideas to them doesn't make the song similar. This has a bit more structure than a TMV song. The Mars Volta has a bit more of an abstract sound and I think you're right. What you're missing is Omar, because he is the creative design of The Mars Volta and its music. You'll never write anything similar because it's his style. Just listen to your own music, you have a style . Listen to anyone else, they have their sounds as well. It's a matter of what you're capable of and finding a sound for yourself.

That being said I'll move past your comments and to my own of the song. The mixing seems a bit dry. The drums are interesting but I think they're hindered by the mixing. The organ could be brought up a little in my opinion. It's really repetitive as well. I'd use a different bass sample or VST as well it just seems kind of bland to me. The ending was pretty cool and a few other spots in the music, but other than that I was a bit bored.. I'm sorry if I couldn't be exactly helpful but I do hope you take some things into consideration.

I tell ya what this does remind me of...

Now I know that you don't like ya rap music, but this song reminded me of this song a lot (why I'm not sure actually...) but check out "Tasmanian Pain Coaster" by El-P. You may also be suprised with the collaborators on the track...

Going back to the point (a review!), I liked this track. Gave me a good sense of nostalgia, mainly of playing crappy wrestling games as a kid! Plus I really liked what sounded like feedback...

myxibrium responds:

Tasmanian Pain Coaster... hahaha nice. It's rap? Oh well. I'll give it a listen anyway.

Nostalgia! I love nostalgia, it's right next to sleep paralysis on the top ten weird things that I enjoy. But there's something I think you might like to know about this song. I usually stay within the key with every song I make... no real key changes. And whenever there is a keychange (I think there's a total of 2 in all my songs?) in a song it's usually very noticable. I'm not Bach by any stretch of the imagination. But I challenged myself to jump out of the key as much as possible while still keeping the song sounding good. This song was the first experiment with that. My next two songs will be similar. I think it sounds cool. It adds an element of unpredictability to the music, and therefor makes it more interesting to listen to I think. But I learned a couple tricks from The Mars Volta. A Saxophone and a Hammond B3 organ together makes the most orgasmic sound in the world.

I like the element of funk in this.

I think this is creative. Screw the guys that think this is boring. It might be repetitive, but that's the art, and there's good transitions.

myxibrium responds:

Ah! Finally! A positive review. Time for me to talk your ear off. Or write your eyes off.

I think rhythm is one of the most important things in music. Rhythm is the thing that hooks you from the beginning and gets you interested in a song. It's a good idea to use funk influences, especially in the realm of rhythm. Shining Star by Earth Wind and Fire. Genius.

Creative... yes. This song is a good example of my love for barely controlled chaos. I love music that keeps you on the edge and then suddenly throws you a climax. It was actually much harder to write this song than usual. With all the dissonance, it's hard to write instrument parts that fit well. That's why this song is repetitive or "boring". Actually, I have to completely disagree with Zafoe on that one. Perhaps it was boring because he listened to it with a closed mind? Maybe he was expecting some hardcore techno song?

And thank you. I deleted many a measure trying to get the transitions just right. I'm glad you liked it!

I like your name by the way! I swear I thought that phrase before... A song that I listened to seemed very red and I thought hm... Crimson Tonality. I'm not makig that up.

sry dude

its kind of boring
the begging bored me out
the middle is kind of wierd

myxibrium responds:

hahaha I cant think of anything to say. Yes, this is a very weird song. Maybe that's why I love it so much? Idk. But boring? Impossible! Oh, well. I honor your opinion.


No offence but its really bad.

The start really put me off of it. Then there was the guitar wich sounds out of tune to the saxophone ( well i think it was one)and the drums were also out of tune.

myxibrium responds:

None taken. This style is an acquired taste.

Ok I am really am trying to understand what you are saying. Guitar wich sounds? I didn't use a guitar... You mean the bass? You're sort of right. The pitch is very slightly modulated (I had no control over that, it was just the sample I used). I used notes that are very close to each other as well, making it maybe seem like it's out of tune? There's also a lot of dissonance with that instrument, making it seem maybe off-key with the saxophone, which for the most part stays within the key.

Ok now this is where you really confuse me. The drums? Out of tune? You mean time? If so, you might actually be right. My laptop's sound devices have been acting a bit strange lately and sometimes when I'm previewing the music it will suddenly drop out of correct timing. Maybe the glitch carried on to the formal rendering process? God, I hope not. I'll check it out, though.

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