Sonic - Twinkle Park (Remix)

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A Trance Remix Of "Twinkle Park" From "Sonic Adventure"


I wonder what a lot of these raters THINK is right

I'm terribly sorry that these ass-cracks have to pollute your review section with what they THINK is rightly mixed. I've been struggling down the same road man. I just call these butt-monkeys jealous flamers only because of how they like to put your stuff down to reduce you to their size and try to consume you with their jealous flames of hatred. It’s just like Danyel_the_Djinn did to me, and he wasn’t even targeting my music; he was targeting me for the response I gave him about one of my animations “Jesus Christ promo”. Look under the reviews for that one, and look under his review and my response to him and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Check on the 3rd page 2nd to last review from the bottom by Danyel_the_Djinn under this link on the most recent reviews…


I really appreciate that you took the time to save my piece before the final judgement; ironic, considering the fact that the composition you saved was about that. lol Hopfully, that train has crashed into his ass by now. lol

Anyway, about this track...I really haven't played much of any Sonic games except the first two, (I know, I know...forgive me). Besides for me not having played any of the newer Sonic games, I recognize the music very much indeed. The Sonic music has always been a big fav VG style of music for me. This track in particular, is awesome man! I love the use of the filtered polysynths in the bg. The in-and-out ratio of this sound gave this piece a unique Trancy sound. ...smooth dude

btw...I saw a documentary on Tuscany. Man, it's a beautiful area in Italy...so historical and quite a marvel. Do you live in this area?


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Yeah,Danyel_the_Djinn was probably the biggest loser ever.
"I hate you dreamboy,and I dont care for the snuff you put on NG"...OMG HE WAS SO GAY! ^_^

Mmm...reaper_of_ratings...it's strange...there's a new user called Mr.Reaper in the Ap and suddenly an user called reaper_of_ratings begin to give bad reviews to every remix...have u ever checked out his profile? It says..."i am reaper,the #1 reaper on newgrounds. As a committee us reapers' jobs are to blam anything that is crap or generic. If you have been reapered - then start making originals or good remixes or you will never be part of the top 30."
or what he says in his usual review "Generic mainstream song mixing will no monger be tolerated. "
O_o What do u think Byron? yeah...drugs while having sex with the speakers of his pc...yes,is possible...

Ehy,so u liked that cool phaser at the bg?I've used the famous FlangerSaw soundfont and here's the configuration of the phaser:
Freq: 22 - Split: 64 - Width: 100
Rate: 32 - F.Mod: 70 - Feedback: 100

btw we shold mail Wade asking him to give us special powers (OMG!!!lol) just like moderators of the AP or to add a The Gatecrashers/Shin Audio Portal official page
I think Jermain will join us :-)

Tuscany?! lol it's cool! I've got some friends there but I live in Piemont(near Turin, the city of the greatest soccer team ever "Juventus":-) )
Do u like soccer? Omg i can't live without seeing 10 idiots running after a ball lol!

Oh... MY god...

All i can really say is HOLY DAMN... That's one of the greatest game remixes I have ever heard...

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thx Kaddish!

Twinkle Park-- amped up

Sounds a bit more like the flicky part from Sonic 3D Blast... but what do I know!? lol. Sonic remixes always sounds great, especially this one. ^^ Keep it up.


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Yeah...also another guy mailed me saying that this music was also in Sonic 3d blast...
Let's check vgmusic.com...Uhmmm...I haven't found it in the midis..bah...strange

oh my...

I always loved the Twinkle Park theme from sonic adventure (1 or 2???)
Awesome remix zeRo ^_^

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Aug 23, 2004
7:17 AM EDT
Video Game
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