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Prelude pour la Gaieté

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Another peace by me.
A piano duet, with added cello and chromatic percussion.
Prelude pour la gaieté means Prelude for the cheerfulness. It isn't really cheerful but it's dedicated to cheerfullness. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy.



Amazing, reminded me of final fantasy style track, lots of different sections just seemed to make it a very enjoyable listen. Loved the up tempo feel as well. The chello added so much to it too, great addition. Overall and excellent fun song.

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Beautiful. Uplifting, yet sombre.

A beautiful piece, the bass drums, tinkerbell(?) and choir work wonderfully. Another piece that I struggle to criticise.

Instead, here's an exploration of the story I'd animate if I were to spend the time to do this tune justice:

As a young boy, I sat down, doodling in my German book, avoiding work. the character came alive for a moment, but walked ungainly. More characters were created and more characters joined the flock. With better-drawn arms and legs, they were freely able to walk and exist with each other!

The stream of creations became a river that poured from my pen; from my mind; from my computer; from my fingers. They raced through the internet, through paintings, games and other art, finding a place in people's hearts. Worlds became populated and soon flourished!

But nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the flow was stemmed and my ideas waned. I passed on and was eventually forgotten about. My work went out of fashion and after my death my world started to die too.

But there were a few who continued to read, to look, to play, to explore. And my world planted its seed in a fresh mind and the cycle started anew.

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I really like that duet. While the one piano plays a rather sad melody, the other piano seems to float above that sad tune and plays a very happy melody. It also manages to cheer up that little sad piano and together they speed up during the song and mix themselves together to a quite cheerful melody.

Too bad that the ending is so slow and sad again. I would have liked it better it the two pianos would continue to speed up (to an insane speed and even faster!) until suddendly the ending comes with a big "bang!".

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Back to the piano

I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from the Piano for long ;) I love the way that you get several melodies on the piano all mixed together so well. The way that they enmesh is wonderful and you add some extra instruments, like aprize winning chef, bake it for 20 minutes et voila, you have another amazing track.

Not entirely sure about the sad sounding slow ending, but other than that, it's marvellous. The speed of the ending does kind of contradict the loop this time, whcih is a shame.

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Nice Tune

It certainly has a nice tune, slow and pretty clam for the starting part from what I could hear and the ending even slower but more kind of loud and not as calm. Which was kind of a change but maybe not what I would have expected in terms of an ending to this. Most of the way through, it sounded very much the same, though nice to listen to and everything.

It is well played but I do think there could be more changes in parts, though there is some change, which is good. Overall, it keeps a very nice beat in the background and it is well played, but the ending is kind of odd with this in my view, but otherwise good work.



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Mar 24, 2008
3:35 PM EDT
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