Torture Train

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I was inspired to create whatever the heck this thing is by all the people on here that think that recording a baby moose being dismembered by a hack-saw is the proper way to display their adolescent angst and self-esteem issues. Use your unwarranted depression for something useful!

That being said, this is a very strange song... feedback is always welcome!

Note: Be aware that I put voodoo curses on jerks that vote and leave no explanation... unless it was a high number :D



Excellent song. Great building up and even if it was a little repetitive, I loved it for it. The very out of sound chord part with the breathing in the background was my favourite, sounded very creepy and cool. The overall beat was good too, making a really nice sounding song

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2s might make for a good loop


it does kinda loop well and I'd say it would work well for an industrial level of a game if it didn't sound so re[etitive despite its length. From 0:23 to 0:48, it sounds like the same 2s loop repeated over and over.

I like the piano sections, but the heavy mechanical loops just give it an annoying vibe when its on loop.

If you took a couple of seconds of the song, it might work well for an area that folk would spend maybe 2-30s in. As is, it was interesting to hear the first time, but gets dull.

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Bit Repetitive

It seems to sound quite repetitive, not much change through the whole song, so it gets a little boring to listen to after a while. Some parts of it do sound pretty good like it changes part the way in but then goes back to sounding repetitive again. Not sure what the aim to this song really is, so yeah.

It might make decent background noise for something that is based in a factory, that's what it comes across to me as more than anything. But as for listerning to it for enjoyment, it gets a little boring.



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Goths in the Jungle!

It's a very simple few loops that you've given us here. That's the real problem, as it's not as effective as I was hoping to hear. There's about 3 or 4 loops that you've played over and over again. The main problem with these is that they all sound mostly the same. You need some more variation, as I don't think that the music doesn't even sound like any stuff that Goths would listen to.

That's just a suggestion for how to improve - throw in a few samples of Marilyn Manson's vocals, for example, that would distract from the sound of the music itself and you could get away with it.

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Sounds pretty cool. There are some very industrial like parts in there, which always got "interrupted" by those piano like parts. I liked that "question and answer"-game a lot.

Problem is, that you don't have much varity in this song. It's basically just the same two parts over and over. Try to add something more to it, like some voice samples, or some guitars here and there (most likely during the "industrial" parts) to keep the listener interested.

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