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cover of syncopation

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Mar 19, 2008 | 7:03 AM EDT
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Rated 3.60 / 5 stars
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Metal, Rock - Heavy Metal

Author Comments

rough draft

it is best to listen in the car with the windows down. there is a pretty harsh note on the third solo but just make sure your bass isnt too high or your treble too high.

i think it is a great representation of using relative Ebmajor and Cminor. when the bass comes in on the lyrics the ringing is the "golden" of the golden key, Eb.

please leave feedback if your score is low.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

thanks for the warning!

10 for rough draft

bring vocals way out in front...your voice is good...quite good, clear, in tune, and I can hear emotion in your voice, good range, but let's hear it...bring it out!

"fluffy dog" vocals were way back there fit better for that piece...but not for this one.

mix is begging for definition...clean up the mix a bit.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

not bad

Well, this is a pretty good track to solo over. The soloing was decent but nothing extraordinary, and in some parts it sounds like you're holding a bit back, but has some interesting bits for sure.

The main problem, as the reviewers below me addressed is the mixing. From the quiet parts in here, it sounds like you've got a voice that would be enjoyable to lsiten to and you shouldnt be shy to bring them out, if thats the case. The overall mixes seems like it has a decreased quality whether its just if the volume is lowered and/or the EQ might be butchered to comprise for the lead guitar? Because IMO, the lead tone doesn't mix in all that well. I would keep the same track volume, and trying raising the overall master volume on your PC, and possibly on your output pedal/amp/guitar. Your tone is pretty crisp, but a bit weak, so a thicker chorus, reverb, EQ (more bass), and maybe the neck pickup would sculpt out a better tone, I dunno-its been a year since I recorded myself. Another cool thing to experiment with would be panning different guitar riffs more to the left and the right, like they're battling. Some more lower riffs wouldnt hurt either, for instance, maybe some distorted tremoloed tripplets or palm muting licks for fills in between and around the original power chords would be nice.

enough with the damn suggestions from me because I'm not sure if thats the type of feedback you're looking for. I thought the little lick you opened with was weak, but when the track gets rolling your improvising over the top sounds nice, and planned out well as nothing sounds too random or out of place. I like the chords you use in the first solo. The solo that starts at 1:20ish was a bit uneffective IMO, it would sound great if you had a distorted wah (here I am assuming you have access to all these effects, sorry if im leaving some useless suggestions and you dont have all this equipment) our spiced up the notes with some pinch harmonics. I especially like the note at 1:37. Then ending on the laidback blueish solo is a nice fit for the end. And the chord you strum at 2:44ish was nice, and good job with transitioning back into the themes you used in the first solo. One thing I would certainly like to hear more in here is some legato licks, as I don't think you utilized much hammer ons and pullsoffs, if even any at all.

So overall, a pretty cool improv session over here, a refreshing contrast. I'm only giving you a 6 because you didnt make the backing guitar and drums. But of course a 5 for a good cause and it doesnt look much people have yet to remedy zero bombers. anyways, sorry if you didnt like my review DWexperience, and what was said in here of course was my opinion, i atleast hope it helps for future projects :D

thedwexperience responds:

honestly man i really meant no offense with all the other stuff. i think your reviews are pretty right on. thank you very much for taking the time to actually analyze my work. that is what matters most to me, that people sit down, calm down listen and actively listen. then leave good meat and potatoes feedback. i really dont even care how people rate my stuff, as long as they like it for some reason.

for the legato, i did use one hammeron in the heavy part and then a few pull offs later on but truthfully the legato is something that either is there or not and it didnt come to me that time.

i do appreciate your feedback, probably more than anyone else only because i do know you know what your talking about but even more because you can say it all in terms much more effective than "sounds cool but somethings off.. " so thank you. please do check out my other stuff, none of this is too serious. its all stuff i dont care if someone else rips off. of course these arent any of my real songs, this is a taste for those with whom i play with so they can know what they get themselves into. but your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Hey man...this sounds pretty cool, but you gotta fix your levels. So many things are in the lead when they shouldn't be (at least they dont sound like they should). Im not familiar with the original, but Id like to hear certain things pushed back and others brought that guitar lead and vocals.

thedwexperience responds:

yeah its kindof like i was going for a jazz metal hybrid... that is an undertaking. its supposed to be kindof mellow. read the dude below yous's coment and my reply.

and come back when it says its finished!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

'Tis ok however:

Before i say anythign else i want to make clear i havnt heard the original.
It sounds very proffesional except for a couple of things. Firstly its very quiet. Secondly i thought your mix was a bit wierd. i would have made the singing a bit louder than the rest seeing as it is hard to make out the words, however i think its great that you did the lyrics 'cause lots of people on the portal just skip them completly.

thedwexperience responds:

cool, yeah i havnt bused it yet so i was compensating for the louder bass. i hope people hear that cause i cant really. well i can but im running a half gig on vista... and im not sure if it even has a sound card.. oh well im probably gonna add more lyrics make it a longer jam but EQin everything and masterin takes so F'n long.

thanks for the review, check out my other stupid shite.
also the original is on newgrounds at: h/title/syncopation

by the way if you want the lyrics pm me and ill type em. now time for bed.