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This is a work in progress I've been working on for a fair amount of time. It was mainly a filters, dynamics and glitched test (and a one gone wrong from the looks of it :P) Did I have a sense of direction? Yes...until I got distracted. By the way, I had to use default samples on this one. To try something different, I used drum pads or something (individual layers are tedious to work with). Since I have no idea how to make custom pads, I had to use the default ones. I recently downloaded some new sound fonts too (Thanks Suspended 3rd Chord!), but I haven't used them on this song (yet). Odd drums, I know. I was trying to pull off something new.

Ahem...anyway. I liked how it turned out anyway. Some people inspire you to get better, other peoples' excellent work turns you off because you feel like you'll never get decent. Me? I experienced both things, I decided to kick it up another notch by experimenting with dynamics (I think this is the first song where I use them on piano?) Instrumental wise, it's not very complex as you can see. I think the theme makes up for it though:

As I see it, a girl isn't loved and feels lonely (oh, so cliche <3). As time goes by, she meets someone who loves her and she couldn't be any happier. Soon, however, that feeling is vanished by an unpredicted event and the world turns cold for her. Alternatively, you can picture your own story. It is, after all, up to the listener.

Still a WIP, so enjoy. All votes and reviews are appreciated :D

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Well made but needs another layer. Rhymes?

To me, this sounds like it should be the backing track for some rapping.

Specially at the start - the simple piano and soft beats really need something extra.

You really start layering on the beats at 0:32 though and there's a few cool sounds like drillsnstuff. The violins that come in after 1:00 work well and really help give the tun a crescendo.

The end is a bit slow but yet nicely paced.

However, I'm just thinking how cooler it would be with some dope lyrics on it.

I'd try and fit of some rhymes fitting the theme if you're willing to let me have a bash.

Otherwise, good luck with whatever you do with it.

Everything feels well placed and I liked the stereo effects etc. but it's all sounding a tad empty.

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i felt kind of betrayed when I listened to this song, it seemed to be less about the classical and more on the dance side, I was a bit dubious about it whenever the slow piano intro started and it just went off into a dance beat was just weird. The the outro needed to be alot louder. Just needs to kind it's genre as it's stuck between

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Not bad

Not a bad track, the intro starts off very slow though. With light piano till the drums kick in. Unfrotunately the drums sorta overshadowed the piano in the start and when you brought in the variated bit in the middle i dont know if it fit in my opinion, it just seemed so different from the start and end.
Overall a nice track though. But i think it could use work. ^_^

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Good Crescendo in the middle

I think that this tune was a little on the quiet side, without much in the way of volume until you reached the crescendo in the middle. As it starts to build up, the whole tune comes to life, like an errupting volcano.

What I'd suggest is that you keep it louder either side of that, as without the middle part, you've pretty much got no tune and the intro / outro are both very quiet pieces.

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I kinda like this one. It starts off very slow, but builds up speed towards the middle of the song, where you also add a few more instruments and thus adding a lot more variation to the song.

Right now it all sounds very much like sound samples (well, and I think that's what it acutally is ^^), but it sounds nevertheless very good!

I especially like the slow ending for this one. It really fits well together with the rest of the song.

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