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The full? version of Machine of Judgement! Extended and glossed over with awesome! Drop by the site and sign up for our mailing list if you're interested in when a new song is out!

This song is meant to symbolize a flash being submitted into the flash portal! The high pizzicato strings *plucks* signify a save vote, the lower ones, a blam vote. Everything is tense, ambient until enough votes are taken into it. In this particular situation the poor flash gathered too many blam votes, and P-Bot moves out to CRUSH it's existence!

Here's a brief breakdown on whats going down in the song :D!

At the beginning as you know, the flash is gathering blam/save points. Too bad for this one, blam points accrued to critical level!

The song rises in energy as P-Bot powers up. His eyes a blazing red as he targets the flash in question. Voices behind him shouting him to go forth.

"We have found this one unworthy, we have found our desire to see it destroyed!"

P-Bot has no choice but to rush forward, stepping on the corpses of flash files long before this moment.

at 0:43, the chase is on! The flash file flees as quickly as it can go, curses to the dial up modem it's master used! It just doesn't know how to go fast!
at 1:03 the flash file manages to dive into a dark and forgotten venue of Newgrounds. Its heart beating quickly and loudly, trying to tremble itself into sanity.

1:39, the falling choir. Oh no, i've been discovered! Screams the flashes mind as P-Bot's glowing eyes slowly appears from the corner, glaring straight into the flashes core, targeting it's source of life.

The mighty bot smashes through the garbage in his way, knocking it aside as if it were nothing. The flutes (2:09) symbolizing the flashes rapid scurrying around is all in vain as it hits a dead end.

At 2:19 P-Bot grabs the flash file, and at 2:23 he begins to tear it apart, one limb at a time.

At 2:28 P-Bot holds the dead flash high into the air, having claimed another one it's eyes relax in intensity and he smashes it deep into the ground where it will be forgotten like the rest of them.

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I might even animate it! :o

truly one of your best

man the only problem i've ever had with your work is that it just doesnt last, none of it is even close to full scale and if you took those loops you have and just kept their energy and intensity for just an extra minute and, hey, maybe throw in some extra stuff BAM instant hit. but this is one of your full length pieces even though its short compared to others, but your ability to capture events and pure emotion and play it back in the form of sound is unparalleled by any other musician out here, so truly, you did a damn good job. keep it up.

Great Improvement!

I remember downloading and listening to this song a long time ago. Just listened to it now and I was like whoa! It was already amazing before, but the edits you made just made it epic! Towards the beginning of the song it started off strong then died down too quickly. Now it is perfect.


Has someone animated this? When you explain it, it's just asking for it.

Painting a great picture.

Great use of all of the instruments. I can imagine a story unfolding.

So the lady is warming up the chorus for a soft song for the audience, as the violins tune themselves. Then the maestro comes in, angry and whips up the orchestra into a furious song. The lady doesnt like this, and she tries to overwhelm the maestro with her voice, but to no avail. The audience senses the tension, but still applauds after the song is finished.

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Mar 17, 2008
1:50 PM EDT
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