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Author Comments

Okies...this is a very weird song I made a long time ago. I was in a very dark and strange experimental mood when I made it, so the song sort of reflects that. It's my first ever mixed song, and it was done entirely by me, which would explain the quality, but besides that, I really like it, and if you're really weird like me, you might like it too. Sorry about my voice though...it's kind of whiny, but that's just how it is naturally. Warning: It's very sad, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. Be sure to listen to its happier sequel, "Reunion"

How long has it been...
...Since we parted our ways
And you left me with
An empty heart

And this world has turned so cold
(so cold)

How long has it been
Since the day this life changed
Since we parted our ways
My whole life rearranged
Looking behind I see the sun
Looking ahead I see the rain
Will there ever come another time,
A time when I'll escape from the pain(the pain...escape)
The pain

And this world has turned so cold

If you hear my cry
Will you listen close?
You need to hear the story(the story)
Of how you left me all alone

(forever...so lonely...I cried)

Pushing regret behind is never
Quite as simple as you say
My spirit yearns for your affection
Wish you'd never gone away
As winter falls, I look around
Hoping to see your gentle face
But you're nowhere to be found
Your laughter never fills this place(come back)
This place(I need you)

And this world has turned so cold


Just scoring the song.

But also going to say some other things.

Your voice was good, the lyrics was pretty, but hard to understand without the lyrics written down below sometimes. But you DO sing in a particular way I haven't heard in a long time.
Quality of the song is in fact well mixed, just a few little nudges of required fixes here and there in the song.

It's times like those dark moments that makes us human and makes us push on forward and be better, this song was probably a way to cope up and release the emotion you had, and look what it has made, ART.
When we all feel down, it's better to release it, because we can all make artwork like this. (Learnt it many times in the past yet I haven't applied it, we should all try to apply it in our daily lives, and maybe we could all be listening to better music nowadays.)
Anyhow, for a first time, it's actually exceptionnal the way this was mixed and put, singing is good and so is the beat of it.


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Jessismith responds:

Thank you for the kind, constructive comment. That made my day...especially since it has been so long since anyone has commented on this.
I appreciate your insight on this. I agree with everything you have said. It is true, some of our most beautiful works of art come out of venting emotions. Whenever I don't want to focus on life, art and music are what I always turn to. So many works inspire what I do. It is true. If more people would step up and use their raw emotion inspired talents, there would certainly be a better supply of good music out there. Thank you again. I would try to edit this, but it is probably nearly 5 years old. One day though, I will remake it. It still holds a place dear in my heart. :)


its very nicely done and you dont have a whiney voice its acctually quite good

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Jessismith responds:

Hey thank you so much. :) Sorry I wasn't online whenever you posted this, so I haven't looked to see it until now.

I simply love this . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . You could be a celebrity !

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Jessismith responds:

Wow. Thanks! :)

The first 15 seconds are. . .

simply DIVINE, Jessismith------>
I had NO IDEA you could even sing,
let alone wail out some Mystical Melodied Candy for my ears!
The lyrics are beautiful, Jessismith.
I'm very fond of the intro and the chorus melody though.
You are such a positive Lady to have here.
I'm looking forward to obsessively listening to all your music.
I'm so glad that I met you and I hope to work with you in the future.
Maybe you and I could do something together sometime!
Until I hear your magical voice next. . .

...........Take care, be good and it's ok to be in dark moods
from time to time, ya know.period

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Jessismith responds:

You didn't think I could sing? xD I joined the group didn't I? ;D Thanks again Gaia. You have a nice way with words, whereas I do not lol. All I can say is thank you. xD Yeah, I hope to make some sort of impact on the people here. Lol, you don't have to do that, heheh. Than I'll have to look at yours and then comment on all of them. Likewise. I would love to work with you. Indeed....I wanna hear you sing. :D Thanks. xD Yeah....my life has been a downhill spiral....until I met you guys...and girl of course. And now I'm all cured lol! :D


Get your eastern on girl! The start is awesome!! I kinda liked how it most before the lyrics and pop came in, but it's still cool. Yay for you singing that's mad.

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Jessismith responds:

Gotta love my eastern style lol. xD Heheh, thanks. This was my first ever recording. I didn't expect it to be fantastic lol. Glad you gave it a listen though. :) Thanks Leech.

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3.82 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2008
12:07 PM EDT
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