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Way Ward One

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The guitar at the beginning may seem a little sloppy, but give it a chance. There are some beats and syncopations that I'm really proud of later on. Skip through the song if you're not patient enough to wait for it.

If repetition isn't your bag, you probably won't like this.



A decent song, loved the overall groove. But it seemed to just be a mish mash of a load of different sounds. And they did not complement each other. Also sounded as if some of the sounded were badly recorded. Hmmm needs some work.

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It was Okay

This was ok, very drums orientated though it though, they seem to dominate the first art of the song at least, and you cant really hear the melody behind it. After about 2 minutes it starts to get boring as the first 2 mins are very repetative.

It gets better in the middle but is worse again at the end, to be honest it wasnt a very good combination of style. No harm in trying though. :P


well, is ok...

it has a good rhythm,
but was kind of annoying is some point...
the the beat & the guitar sounds cool...
but maybe putting both together wasn't the best idea...

maybe is just because is not my style
is a little repetitive at least on the first part
because later, on the middle was a lot better

and then on the ending.. well the same...
is just not my type of music

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El Techno Espanyol

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of these two types of music that you've mixed together here - I don't think it sounds entirely right with them playing alongside each other.

For a 7 minute track, I was expecting a lot of variation, but for the first 2.5 minutes, we got a loop of maybe 10-15s or music before any change happened. Then when it did, I think that went on for too long, before changing to something else.

At least the editing of the track is clean cut and well mixed in. Style and technique are still giving you marks, which bode well for future productions. More variations are needed in things this long, but the real art is not detracting from the main sound that you were after in the first place without sounding boring, which sadly this became.

It loops well, but that shouldn't really be an issue with a track this long.

[Review Request Club]

Good Use of Time

The opening part sounds to be pretty good to me, though maybe it does take a while to build into the main song, some parts do repeat in a funny way, though I like how the main background repeating part changes from side to side of the speakers, sounds nice. The slow build up is actually pretty good for a long song, gives plenty of listerning and it's not that easy to tell how much has been added since the start when you slowly build it up.

Removing of some beats and adding new ones though the main tune is good and keeps it kind of fresh. I didn't like the whole sudden change in the middle part though, I think that could have changed over a little smoother. Though the beats in the changed part do sound good and everything, they work just like with the opening part, just the sound is a little sharper.

It doesn't actually sound all that repetative for some parts but there are parts where it does sound a little too repetitive but for most part it seems you have kept it fresh with new beats. The change at about 4:40 was good though, that seemed to work better than the previous change, the beats in the last part are good, much like the rest of this.

Overall, I think you have used the time well, plenty of verity in this but the only thing that lets you down for me is your first change in beat style, if it wasn't for that, I would have enjoyed this much more, but good work.



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Mar 10, 2008
12:04 PM EDT
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