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I made this song while my initial 3 submissions (probably a mistake) were awaiting review.

This song sounds better on headphones than speakers for some reason.


Nice work

Sounded quite well, if not a little bit weird. Was a little quite and because of that factor it seemed a little too easy going. There are quite a few large repetitive spots, and it would be nice more more building of parts of songs. Like start off with a simple chord and then just build to more complex stuff. But non the less a great song aswell

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CineGoryP responds:

I'm just gonna call myself a minimalist and claim that its all on purpose :)


It has a pretty nice tune to it, though the very start and for quite that main part it seems to sound a little quiet and lacking in a way, then it builds up and back down again, so it's kind of weird in a way there. The other parts to it sound pretty good and such though in a way it's kind of repetative after a while, a little more veriation in parts would be good to have.

Overall it's not a bad track and it does seem to kind of work well, everything seems to fit together but a lot of it is very samish in many parts of this, could be better with more veriation. The ending is pretty good though, ends with the a similer tune as most of the start.



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CineGoryP responds:

thanks for the review


Red Dwarf fan ahoy! based around the life and times of one David Lister, Technician Third class at all?

The tune is nicely written, with some decent variation and a few well timed changes of direction thrown in there for good measure. The length is good and the whole efect is pleasing to the ears.

I'm impressed with the wide range of instruments that you used for the piece. Though if you are going to call it something like Ouroboros, are you ever going to think of making it slightly more deep and mysterious?

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CineGoryP responds:

I was trying to find a unique name that nobody else would have. I went in with deciding that this song would be a loop at the beginning, and what other symbol is more recognizable as a loop than an ouroborus? But I agree, its a weak song for such an intricate symbol but whatever.

Oh, and the lister reference is completely unintentional.... maybe it was a subconscious thing... the simplicity of it all could be a tribute to the bum, though :)

Thanks for the review.


Haha second review!! ^_^
I, like haggard, listened to both on headphones and on my speakers and i have to agree with both of you when i say it sounds better on headphones, the bass line sounds alot clearer and gives the song more feel. This was a pretty cool song, nice melody and nice drums, even though its a fairly long track i didnt get bored of it as theres some good variations from the main melody. I liked this. Well done man!

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CineGoryP responds:

Thanks for the positive review. These are definitely encouraging.


I listened to this using normal speakers and using my headphones. You're right, this song sounds better on headphones. I think it's because on headphones the nice bass line coulb be heard much better than on speakers.

I especially like how you start with this song. At first just some rather strange noises playing a weird melody can be heard, until the drum track sets in slowly.

Even though the track is about 3 minutes long you managed to keep me interested in it the whole time through, because you added various parts to the song and thus making it very diversified. Great!

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CineGoryP responds:

Thanks :D

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