Farewell Hyrule King - LR08

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This is my take on Farewell Hyrule King by Koji Kondo.

Rating appreciated.
Reviews even more appreciated.
I want to know what I can do to become better.


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I can hear that if you echo the bells it might sound better but that's just me. Love the remix though! It's really sad.

Good job.

It felt very mysterious and dark, definitely a nice touch to it. Now for my suggestions...

The strings (the basslien one's) just seems to cut off before they should and then continue on. It kind of sounds weird. Although that may have been intentional. Maybe you should try and make it flow a little better from note to note?

At 1:04 and 1:11 there were those chimes or bells, whatever they were. A good idea but I suggest making them less... Hard and loud sounding so they can somewhat blend with the rest of the song. I dunno, might sounds better.

Those are my suggestions to make it better. Other than that I really enjoyed the song! I liked the end and how it felt so very dark and climactic.

Keep it up!

littlerampage08 responds:

I tried to make it resemble the part in the game when you are walking through the black and white castle.
Hmm...I'll try that next time I use strings for bass
the bells were an idea that I thought could bring in the intro to the actual climax...it was hard to make them not sound too loud, but not too soft either.
Thanks for the review!

Very nice.

Really brought back memories. :]

works fine

not exactly a song I would pick to work on but... meh

There was some noticable work put into the sounds (not just having notes played, but having them musical so to speak) worked a little with panning. I would recommend possibly looking into other sounds for those bells... the bells had a bit of a harsh attack, either different bells would work, or adjust the way the bell notes attack. Rythem was great, timing was a bit slow after the mid section, meh, not necessarily a big deal for me though... nice job.

littlerampage08 responds:

The bells were the hardest part, I wanted to make the sudden attack but it was hard to get a feel for how much attack to put. Obviously it was a bit too much.

Thank you for the review.

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Mar 9, 2008
12:28 AM EST
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