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EDIT 3-13-08: This song's about to be used in a flash submission, so I'll make one last update before it's submitted and I can't anymore: Be sure to check up at http://karco.newgrounds.c om for the latest news on my future submissions! ;D


EDIT (2) 3-12-08: For those of you who want to help me out, I've got a question that needs answering. ;) Check out my news post at http://karco.newgrounds.c om/news/post/93573 (copy-paste the URL but don't forget to delete the space that NG throws in there). Thanks a lot! :)

EDIT 3-12-08: Just a thought, if anyone likes this song, you might also like my song Falling Farther (Trance Remix) which didn't make Weekly Top 5 or anything, but instead was put on the front page. :D Go to http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/107386, just don't forget to take out the space that NG adds to the URLs in descriptions. ;)


EDIT 3-11-08: This song made weekly 5th! :D Thanks to everyone who listened and voted high! Enjoy, everyone! ;D


I thought I'd try a new style with this one, though it didn't turn out quite as planned... it started as a hard trance song inspired by DJ Space Raven (a remix artist, look him up) - think up to 1:25 - but past that point some uplifting trance influences started working their way in and by the end it was a nice blend of the two. :P

If you hear crackling anywhere in this song... well, all I can say is that I'm never working with these synths, or anything like them, again. >:( I spent most of yesterday working on getting it out, and I gave up and rendered a final version with hopefully little or no crackling at all.

The mixing/EQing may or may not be perfect compared to my other songs, you'll have to decide for yourself - I got a different kind of headphones midway through production which made EQing a bit of a bother. I managed to use my old headphones before making the final render but I found by that point I was more used to the new pair. XD

It has its good and bad points but I'm not going to point them out here. You decide for yourself what they are, and maybe in a response to a review I'll give my own opinions. ;)

I had to lower the bitrate a fair amount so it would fit the upload limit, though the quality difference isn't that big... if anyone wants the full-quality version, just ask. ;D

Enjoy, it's my first full (and 7 minutes, too!) original song in what feels like forever! :D

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Remember me?

Sorry I took even longer to respond than you did, junior year's a b****.

Since NG's response system is flawed for the sake of preventing spam, I've decided to point out where-to me- you came off as arrogant. I chose this video because, well, I love this song too.

But Anyway...

In the post where on your page where you first announced you would stop posting songs on NG, you struck me as condescending towards the other "musicians" on this site. Your songs are good, true, but you directly called out, and insulted, another musician's work simply for gaining the NG public's favor. I don't know if it's just me, or if you were in a bad mood that day, but I know that, if I were the artist you insulted, I would have been extremely pissed off at you. I'll quote you here, "Why is it that Guitar vs. Piano 1.2 - using FL samples, FL Keys, and Slayer, as raw as you could possibly use them - has become a regular in the All-Time Top 30, and nearly has 300,000 listens, instead of the hundreds, or possibly thousands, of better tracks on this site

A song that is in the top 30's, and you say that there are thousands of better songs on this site. I'm listening to it right now, and, while to each his own, it IS pretty good. Even if you flat out hate it, there is a proper etiquette to uphold. Referring to pieces as "other pieces" would even give it a vague feeling, one such that isn't as if you're declaring open war on the artist who created the song, which is what you're post led me to believe.

Granted, I'm not a very eloquent speaker, and I probably came off as condescending in that rant, but I just feel as if there was a proper way to handle your anger, that would have allowed you to rage quit uploading to NG with decency.

Still love your songs, and I'm not such a douche as to hate you over a comment you made two years ago, I just felt like saying what was on my mind.

Once again, sorry if I came off as a rambling lunatic, I'm just feeling...odd lately. Anyway, later.

Karco responds:

Well hey, I just finished junior year as well, so I completely understand. And you could have sent a private message, you know.

But anyway.

In retrospect, a lot fewer of my words and a lot more of yours make sense to me now. Of course, it's been a year and a half - I've grown. But I won't dwell on it too much. You've made sense.

Thanks for your thoughts.

i like the intro

its awsome i like how it builds up and the way you used the synths are original with a good kick 8D its an awsome song good job Karco u always astonish me with ur music

5/5 10/10 dowloaded faved & faved artist


Karco responds:

Glad you liked it!


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this was so dayum mad..yea i use FL8 DEMO too and i still make good work , but to you . its like shit 1000000832409130941329434091320947120 8470913 meters deep under ground
it was add asss
good work mate :P

Karco responds:

Sorry for the late response and thanks for the review!


a great experience to liten to. my shit doesn't compare to what ur doing xD

all i use is an fl8 demo ;P

i desperately want fl8 producer's pack and refx nexus

one thing i can say, i love the build up to the 5:09 melody but i feel you could have brought in a bit earlier or maybe sustained it a bit longer

i still think its perfect nonetheless, so unique <3

Karco responds:

Sorry for the late response DJ-Zoysa, I was on vacation and missed this review entirely. D:

Don't go thinking reFX Nexus is the end to your troubles now. It's one thing to have it, and it's another to use it RIGHT. ;D

I do agree about your structural criticism there though. Good thing this was produced nearly a year ago, I know better now. :D

Thanks for the review!

I love you!

I worship you my HOLY AUDIO GOD!

Karco responds:

I guess that means I win? XD

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Mar 5, 2008
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