Keep Your Friends Close...

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Full Title: Keep Your Friends Close And their Memories Closer

(NOTE: this song is under AMBIENT. Although many of you will realize this, there are a few who will grade the song low for not being rock or hip-hop enough for them. Please don't, it only makes you look stupid)

Based mainly on the pianos that can be heard throughout, this song was made with a short scenario in mind. As with all my songs however, I do encourage others to have their own visions to share them with me.

In this song I envisioned a person of some sorts sitting in some slum somewhere, skies clouded over and rain threatening to fall. Just had an argument with some of their work friends and generally feeling down. Only they see some kids nearby playing happily and carefree, reminding him of how he used to be. They smile to themselves as they run through all the times they used to have, only to be awoken from the day dream. Yet their mood is a much happier one.

Had a moment like this recently, only instead of a memory it was a person who helped me smile. So this is for them, and I thank them dearly =)

(Please note that this is the Ambient section... I really don't need to humilliate another person who PM's me saying it isnt 'hip hop' enough...)

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Permission Wanted

I was wondering if I could use this peice for "Lay It Up?" This would make a wonderful OST for the preporation of the final game scene, EPIC! Thank You


i just hurt my friend really bad by tripping them, i broke there foot. i feel emo because of this song! lol, thats not true but the first part is true

Dark-Frando responds:

should I punt you now or punt you later? ^.~ and no.. its not a good thing no matter how you look at it XD

Thanks for commenting


Sad.... A man, homeless.... Playing the flute for money... people scowl at him, some call him names... the man smiles and acts happy. A little boy walks up to him, drops two dollars in the mans' hat, smiles, and runs back to play with his friends.

That child will grow up to save many lives. We should think about the amount of poverty in the world. If you see a homeless man, give him some money, warn him that alchohol won't help, encourage him to a grocery store of some sort....

Dark-Frando responds:

ahh, I was going to say 'make sure he doesn't just go for booze' it's a shame that the world gets to a state like that but not everyone is lucky...

Thanks for sharing your comment with me ^^


Not too shabby buddy. It does have a gloomy feel to it. :)

Dark-Frando responds:

*bow* thank you XD

that felt weird to type... but thanks for the review ^^


I dont know if the sound of the music exactally fit the title but thats just my opinion. The change from low to high pitch was pretty good at the end though.

Dark-Frando responds:

The title came from my original idea I talked about in the info area =P but everyone's entitled to have their own view on a song ^^

thanks for taking the time to comment =)

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Mar 4, 2008
8:04 PM EST
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