Bionic Warpath

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Hello all you Hellions and Hellionettes

its been a while since my last post an i stumbled upon this shit an finnaly got it changed to mp3

this is one from a side project i did with bobby and matt called Gore-Tech

i used a lot of effects and shit to make it come together (gotta love that air raid siren)

drums are a little low as usual but if you can see past that you should enjoy evil war song

complete with tacks crowds armies marching and razed villages enjoy



"Sargent were under attack by an army of beasts, they're killing everyone. We need re-enforcements now. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 4....3....2....1....

There once was a time
When a balance was beset upon the earth
Then you plauged it with your own god-like words
Your imperfections speak for themselves
Precious technology praised no saving grace

Filling up the blood trench
Bodies are blood drenched
Extermination of your creation

Terror now runs rampant waging war across your land
As we trample over you and rip of all your limbs
Your civilization is rotting away
The weakend souls that remain are left for us to claim

We are the creation of your own sickened minds
An ironic twist to your futures demise
The process of human elimination
Ensures a more balance world population

Bow to bionic warpath

Filling up the blood trench
Bodies are blood drenched
Extermination of your creation
Filling up the blood trench
Bodies are blood drenched
Extermination of your creation

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Holy motherfucking hell

The riffs are fucking tasty. Everything is well balanced, and I really like how the vocals change places. So much little details.

The drums could needs some remixing however. But they're not shitty, and somehow fit. However, I do think that having pumping bass drum sounds would do honour to this piece even more.

Goddamnit, this is definitely going to my favourites.

Eternalreich responds:

Awesome man glad to hear it! I had a tremendous amount of fun making this song. I totally peiced that missile part together out of idividual machine sounds and patched all other sounds in as well static, air raid, crowds, marching, fire, intercom noise. it was a task. i wish i had the session still and i could update it with better sounding drums. Oh well, its fuckin metal.

Sometin Skinless or Dying Fetus would do

Yer lyrics are pretty cool, and your riffs and shit actually go with the whole
"Fuck, were under attack idea"

Eternalreich responds:

Sweet, glad you liked it. i spent some hours on this one

nice ass job man

this song has one of the better balances that i've heard in a while...this has some real proffesional quality! The only thing a noob such as myself would suggest is to maybe give the bass drums a bit more...bass to give it a nice deep sound to completely crush the hope of anyone listening to this song!!!!

keep on wit teh ROWYCO!!!
(rock out with your cock out)

Eternalreich responds:

yeah my drum mixing and programing skill isnt that great the bzss could definatly use some eqing


This is awesome!! All parts are well balanced!


4.41 / 5.00 (+ 0.0027)

Eternalreich responds:


The Best


Eternalreich responds:


Credits & Info

4.95 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2008
12:17 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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7.3 MB
3 min 13 sec

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