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I've been experimenting a lot with Drum and Bass styles a lot recently, and I don't know what to continue.

Included in this .mp3 are 3 of my latest DnB projects, all with different moods and styles. This is a preview to what I've been working on lately, keep in mind none of them are finished! I'd still really like to know what you think of them, though.

Before you read or listen any further, I apologize for the changes in quality between all 3 of the previews. I had to do some heavy EQ'ing and Compression, so some parts might sound really crappy. I dunno, I did my best.

First song is called 'Hypnosis'. This one is probably my favorite. The drums are kind of weird, but I think they fit well. I also got some cool synths out of this one, and the quality is pretty good. I also like the bells I had, and this one has a lot of diversity (I think).

Second song is called 'Into the Core', lots of Fx. It takes sort of a while to build up, then builds back down again, then builds back up again. lol. Sorry for the repetitive bass and crappy drums. I don't think I will continue this one. Also, the 'DIVE' and 'TURN IT UP' vocals were really crappily done.

Third and final song is called 'Epidemic'. The high choir thing was kind of cheezy, but I sort of liked it. The drums in this one are the best in my opinion, and this one is the darkest out of them (which I like). The quality is the worst out of all three, however, but that can be mended.

There you have it, all of these are done except for an Ending, some fine-tuning/mastering, and maybe some more effects/different instruments. I really want to know what you gives think, which song(s) should I continue, what should I add/change about them.

Any feedback greatly appreciated, whether it's about one song or all three.

And last but not least, Enjoy!





Incase you haven't figured it out yet, this is a JOKE REVIEW!!!

Truly, though, this has to be one of the best Drum & Bass song's I've heard in a long time. Keep it up! :D

~Zariah X-POSED~

x-Exodus-X responds:


But srsly, thanks lol! appreciated...our collab is going to be awesome.

Pretty sweet

i loved the melody the song is great other then its more of a morbid sounding trance then Dnb if you gave it some vicious bass or just some harder bass it would bee sick. Props dude

x-Exodus-X responds:

Yeah, I've been looking for a hard bass, I love those things and having one in a song of mine would be sick, like the ones in Spor and Black Sun Empire songs.

Evil Threesome!

The intro definitely sounds evil, and evil DnB is not something I hear a lot, personally. I think it's fresh and awesome - I'm not sure if it's being overused anywhere else, but it sounds new to my ears.

That main background synth is maybe a little too loud, it clouds everything else. I'm not saying it clouds it too far, unless it's intentional it may be something you want to look at in the future. Pretty much all the focus goes on that instrument.

Now the bells come in, now you've got two clouding instruments. It sounds good, and definitely more evil than before, rhythm is still going strong and I'm digging the breakbeat you've thrown in halfway here.

So, now comes the next part I imagine... The intro is maybe a little too long, it may push some people into fast forwarding (you never want that to happen XD) or quit altogether, which you definitely don't want.

Anyway, more evil strings and evil setup, it seems pretty consistant and that's awesome. Now we're up to some nintendo-esque subbass in the background, which has it's charm! That 'sighing' sound in the background is a nice touch. The only problem I have here is that this part is getting a bit repetitive, but people who are already captivated shouldn't care. But it may be something, again, you may want to keep an eye out in the future. :)

I suppose this is the main buildup, sounds pretty full and, again, evil. :p Sudden stop and switch now, didn't see this coming... Bass is cool, seems more of a classic feel. Bells add to this feeling of nostalgia. Nice slowbeat you've got here, I've always liked that. Some distorted (?) choirs, while they sound odd and out of place, somehow they fit the theme. XD Don't know how you managed that, cool stuff here.

Further buildup and breakdown at the end, not much more I can say. Aside from the sudden stop, you could've done a little better there. <3

All in all, I like this track. It's like you said, three songs rolled into one but they still seem to be consistent. Good job!

8/10, 5/5.

- NT.

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x-Exodus-X responds:

Best review I've ever gotten...and to get it from someone as awesome as you, it's an honor!

Thanks for the tips! Equalize volume levels better, shorter intro, more diversity, got it.
As for the choirs, they do sound kind of weird, someone else pointed that out before, you're right...

As for the sudden stop, it's only a preview, it wasn't the whole thing :P

Again, thanks for the fantastic review! Love your stuff.

sounds like a final boss music

its good defiantly not my favorite
you think you could probably do more with da da da daaa dum part (not that specific)
its the very first part
the second part actually is really good kinda depressing though describes my feeling
now the 3rd part is like emo/ambient mostly ambient
its still really good i like top 3 (i only listened to 3 songs) its still one of my fav's

x-Exodus-X responds:

I'm not really sure what you mean by the drum part?
lol I guess the third one does sound kind of emo/ambient, it's meant to be dark and stuff but that's close enough :P
Is it your favorite, or not, cuz you kind of said both haha.

Thanks for the good score, and review!

Loved the first and third, disliked the second.

I'm not going to comment on the second. I think you should tradh that one. The first one to me seems pretty solid, it's going in the right direction just fine. And I agree. The bell part in that one was awsome. For the third song, I would suggest sliding each of the high choir notes, it would give it more a flowing feel. Also, some of the notes for the high choir part seemed out of tune. Out of all of the songs, I would love to hear the third one finished. Trash the second. do the third one if you have the time. PM me if you do a full version of any of the songs. I'll hit them back with a review.
Good luck in your music making: )

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x-Exodus-X responds:

I agree with you, the second one was probably the worst and definitely the weakest.

I'm glad you like the first one, I probably put the most work into that one and like I said it's also my favorite :)

I never thought of sliding the high choir parts, that would be cool. I'll make sure to try it out, it's a really good idea....Also, I will look into the off-pitch sounding ones, I also think it sounded kind of weird at some parts.

Be certain that I will PM you if I finish one, your reviews are great and I would love to hear more from you.

I'll review your song by tomorrow, I promise! I just have to get some homework done, then I'm going to bed :(

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Mar 3, 2008
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