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Beyond the Coast

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The second addition in my harp and strings collection, with oboes in this one. this didnt exactly come out exactly the way I wanted it (i got stuck in the interlude), and probably isnt better than my last track (Celestial Skies). But I hope some of you like it, and reviews are always appreciated!

This track is meant to tell a story about a father's last day in a small, peaceful town that he resides in, as he bids farewell to his friends and families that he's known for so long, and must sail across unexplored seas to discover secrets about his hidden past, and find out his destiny.

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Enchanting, meandering

I absolutely loved this piece. I have been wanting to become better at arranging classical pieces, but it's difficult to do. I really need to find where you get these sample packs because the ones that come with FL Studio just aren't cutting it anymore.

Anyways, my ranting aside, I really enjoyed the way the song changes as it goes on. However, it changes very slowly. It ebbs and flows, rather than changing quickly, and that technique really works in this song. The subtle harp going on in the background is enchanting and relaxing. It gives that slow, meandering feeling that makes it sound coastal, exotic, and overall beautiful. The string composition is also very well thought out and it works well with the song.

My only qualm with this great piece is indeed the mixing. I agree with BlazingDragon that it could be spiced up with a bit of repaired dynamics and fixing of the tones of the instruments. If this song was given a "warm" kind of mix, with some "bright" thrown in on some of the instruments, it would become a ten in my opinion. I highly suggest finalizing this song to your standards. It may take a while, but this song would be a true gem if you mastered and mixed it completely.

Also, the absolute favorite part of the song for me is that short, quick little harp ending. I love the little "riff", and I think it's perfect how it ends on a seventh chord. What a great idea. This would be a great film score, and I imagine that the rather sudden ending would conclude the scene that it was accompanying.

I rather like this piece, and I am now checking out your other works. Great job!

- Arron -

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

thanks for the very good review! i dont check this account really anymore. but your review is much appreciated!

yeah, FL studio doesnt have any included samples that can even work remotely to anything for orchestral pieces. try finding squidfont or some GM banks but in terms of realism youre going to have to fork out cash for some sample libraries (i use East West)

i do agree with your criticisms. maybe not necessarily the mixing is at fault but I do find the instruments (strings) particularly felt a bit dry and don't have enough articulate color which i really had little knowledge about when i first made this.

anyways, thanks for the review and checking out my music! i might look back into this, i dont see why not.

and i always use seventh chords ;D


I love the emotions this piece evokes. While I don't get any one specific image, I almost imagine a place near the sea due to the oboe sound.

I like the chord progression, but some of the notes in the harp simple rub me the wrong way. I can't give specifics, but it sounds slightly too dissonant for me at times. That aside, I like the harp line quite a bit. The strings create a nice backdrop, though I urge you to get some better samples! The harp is fine, but I feel the strings aren't very organic. They are a bit dry in my opinion, so I would suggest adding just a touch more reverb. For a free sample, I've really found myself to like SquidFont Orchestral lately. The detached violin patch on that soundfont would sound phenomenal with the section starting at 2:03. However, the actual arrangement of the strings is very melodic and beautiful aside from the sample issues. It almost has a slightly oriental flavor at one point.

My favorite aspect of this song is probably the echoing harp at 1:38. When the texture thins at 2:04 and the harp is more exposed in its "echoing", I have a suggestion. Take the second of each harp note (the echoed one) and lower the volume slightly. This creates a kind of swaying feel in my opinion, and really simulates a real echo. That aside, I don't have any advice, really, with the exception of the ending. For such a dark and flowing piece, I feel that the abrupt stop simply doesn't fit.

Lovely job on this! I love the flowing harp, beautiful string melodies, and subtle variety. The beginning was dark, but the phrase beginning at 3:02 is quite a bit more relaxed. I can't wait to hear more of your work! :D


PS. If you are interested in the Squidfont Orchestral soundfont, I can PM you a link. It's free, and quite good with minor tweaking! :D

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks for the great review BD! I really appreciate reviews like this.

Glad you got sea imagery out of this one!

There was indeed some dissonant intervals on the harps part, however they were arpeggiated (i use F#-G for the chords on the harp) and not "clanging" together to create that quirky, weird type of dissonance. Hmmm, wish I had a more musically sound way of explaining this, but the chords were carefully chosen to reflect a type of darkness which this piece was meant to reflect.

I completely agree with the problems on the strings. In fact, I used Squidfont previously before I upgraded to East West Symphonic Orchestra. This was the first or second track I made with these new samples, and I really did no mixing or messing with effects on this one. There are no reverb on any of the samples here, (other than the natural reverb) leaving the whole mix to sound a bit dry and flat. There was also just two lines on the strings, one for the cellos and one for the violins (and a contrabass just used at the start)-some actual chording in here would especially make them sound more lush. Also, not to mention I used absolutely no dynamics on the strings again, furthermore worsening the problem.

Great suggestion for the harp! I'll be sure to take that advice in mind.

As for squidfont- I believe I might have been the one to suggest that to you originally months back? (remember someone with the name "S3C" by chance?)check my third blog, i have a link to it too ;) anyways, yeah I used to use squidfont, my main beef with squidfont is the overly low volume levels of the sounds- but for being a free product its quite impressive- however, the libraries I use now have much more "techniques" and playing styles than offered in any soundfont- not to mention layered sampling, so once you actually use dynamics (in this piece, I didn't use much) you can really make the music come to life.

anyways, thanks for the great review BD, I'll be sure to return it soon!


i will deffinitly be using this song (with your permission) for the airship intro in my upcomming animation!!!

great work man. i can deffinitly feel the love for music in this one.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:


Glad you like this submission. You are most welcome to use this or any of my music in your animation(s).

Thanks for the interest, thanks for the uplifting review, and drop me a line when you finish your animation!

not hiphop so what!

wheres the hiphop you did'n just do this!

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

ok lance how bout u make a hip hop remix

Uuuuuuuh I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love...

You know how much I like your music, but this is one of your pieces that really pull me off my chair to the ground!
Nice job Cyrus!
(Okay, you have good programs for composing songs, but that only underlines your talent!)

Keep up the great work and I'm looking foreward to hear more great music from you!

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

hey thank you very much! I'm glad you like this one YMD :)

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Mar 1, 2008
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