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Give it a few minutes - don't be too hasty to judge this one. After 2 minutes you might completely change your mind. Or not...

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Wow @ piano

I love it. The piano is so simple and so awesome.

Only thing I didn't favor was the constant drop then come-back with the reverse percussion, or I guess mostly how long that down-time was.
I think it'd be better to have the drop last 4 beats instead of the 8 beats it is now.
Then again, I could be suggesting the wrong direction lol.

By the way, this song makes for a seemless loop!

LJCoffee responds:

I was, in part, inspired a bit by trash80. Although it's not really the same style I was
playing Darwinia, listening to some of trash80's older tresk stuff (specifically, "schroeders-failure") and decided to do something along those lines...sort of...

The piano is extremely simple - there aren't nearly as many chords as it may seem - although you may have a really good ear and be able to recognize the inversions :)
Honestly, I think there may only be three chords in the whole thing and of course the melody is just a series of notes drifting around through those.

I decided that I really liked the stop and go, stuttering feel of the percussive drop outs start ups and interruptions - the piano is so easy and laid back that it seemed to be begging for something hectic as a counter.

Glad you liked the piano!

Lovely ,

The piano stay calm and sad while the drum Do some relatendo and speed up , Definetly my kind of trip hop. Its the first song i heard from you ill be sure sure to digg the rest!

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks. Now if only I could find the right vocal talent...

hush it's lush

tasty stuff, simple yet effective. nice bit of beatmashing and some pino gregio.
nice 1

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks Ped :D


you've taken all i love best about music and presented it on a plate. I drool as i listen. this track is perfect barring one thing.

VOCAL!!!!!!! It needs it, to finish it, to make it truly ranked as awesome on a released level/

i love the licks of dnb, of sliced and choppedness, the reverse. Why can't i do this, whe my own ideas want tis exact thing to happen?????????


Vocal, geddit done!

LJCoffee responds:

I'm always missing vocals. Now what sort of vox would best fit... hmmm... Lemme think on that a bit

it's about time you submitted a new track

damn, you've already got 21 reviews

anyway, glad to see you submitted another track, its been some time.

well, this track is pretty good as expected, well thought out and continuously variated. Lots of chopped up bits and interesting drum parts. sounds like these type of tracks would take a great deal of time to work with. My only qualm with this one, the drums are *too* variated, I think the breaks IMO were overdone, and the volume fades and drum absence were too much- to me its like one long intro, I would've definetly liked to here a more continually moving beat with more stability. but really its all in taste, IMO its much, much, much better than 4/4 kick trance beats. styles like this are always appreciated.

anyway, I enjoyed the piano chords, a nice progression that works with the beat. sound is very genuine and dark too. it's minimalistic but changes up quite some bit, and then you fill in the silence with some nice connecting licks. although it might ruin the feel of this track, I would suggest adding just one or two more instruments in here, maybe some light synths or strings to play extended notes in the background, while there's a more upfront lead melody. I do love how it ends so empty though.

and back to the drums, I still enjoy them very much for what they're worth. I love the bouncing snare rhythms, sounds like you threw one in a room with rubber walls and the sounds bouncing all over the place. the reverse bits are good too, some Dnb patterns in parts are a nice fit, in parts it kinda sounds like you got two drumkits playing at once, or maybe just two snares, but its cool how neither one takes away too much from the other.

so all in all, very diverse interesting track. Not my personal favorite from you, but it was a pleasure to listen to anyway. Great quality sound, submit more man! (i also probably went overboard with criticism in this track :/)

LJCoffee responds:

Didn't go overboard with criticism at all. You not only offered your opinion but you gave solutions and suggestions as well and that helps me a great deal. I really appreciate the advice.

I would love to submit more often but my life is a roller-coaster at the moment and I don't have nearly enough time or energy to spare. I'm really glad to hear that even though this may not be at the top of your list, you can still appreciate it for what it is. Thanks!

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Feb 24, 2008
2:12 PM EST
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