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SG6 - Not Too Heavy

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I dunno, i haven't looked at newgrounds for about 5 years. but apparently now you can submit audio? well, please tell me how you like my song! if there is positive feedback i'd submit more. please don't listen to this on shitty speakers =p


I can dig it

Oh hell yeah, nice work at around a minute thirty. It's almost hypnotic.

This reminds me of the game Rez for the Dreamcast.

Drums could use some work, (i.e. not fruityloops samples) but I like the groove otherwise. Nice solid intro and ending, especially the work on the Filter. Good stuff, man,

You gotta show me what you did around 1:14, that's awesome!

SageGoku666 responds:

oh yeah, i know what you mean about the drums. i hate the clap that i used! i tried to equalize all my samples so they didn't sound so stock, but i guess it didnt fool you. as for the bit around 1:14... if you mean the transition that starts around 1:01 and goes to 1:07: thats a 3x osc with all the oscilators set to 'noise' (the scratchy looking button next to the ? button). To make the sound, i used a free filter, set to high pass. as it goes from 16000-11hz, i also increased the volume- use the channel volume. for the swishing effect starting at 1:08, create an automation clip with the other volume knob- located in the fx window- that is one step long (so that 4 of them would fit in the standard 4 bar pattern). now zoom in and make it so the volume goes from 0 to full (or w/e sounds good), and mess around with the curve. now just paint this clip! this effect sounds great with the noise thing, and it also works really well if you do it with the bass (especially a sytrus cerbera bass). if you havent tried that before, get ready to be like "ohhhh shit yes!" cuz it sounds really cool haha.
im not sure if thats what you were asking about though. other than that, all thats happening at 1:14 is i have the samples that makes the 1st part of the song on a free filter-low pass- at low hz. then i have another set of them above that. these "samples" are actually a song by Black Moth Super Rainbow called "Forever Heavy" (hence my title), and i used Edison to get a few clips, then i used the Fruity Slicer to make the song. The other effect thats being used at this point is Toxic III - PAD Age of Fear (haha, default effect), it plays a few chords, starting with the one you get by pressing "q" and "i". I hope this answers your question! if you aren't familiar with the fruity slicer, its another awesome tool that you'll surely get a song out of just by messing around with it (thats actually why i made this song- it was the first experiment i did with the slicer). If you want to learn about that, just check out youtube "FL slicer" or something like that. lots of good stuff on youtube for FL studio, actually.

Thanks for the feedback, not just you but everyone who comments. I want to hear what you all think! and I've made a couple of other songs, so i'll be posting those in the near future. peace~


The song is very addictive to listen to (its a bit repetitive here and there).Please keep up the good work with your music ^_^.

SageGoku666 responds:

thanks bro

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Feb 23, 2008
2:44 AM EST
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