Waiting for the Blue

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This is just a song I made while waiting for Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst to download. Hope you enjoy it!



Epic song, I was busy making an account so I had something else I needed to do.

BTW I downloaded the game recently but I still cant sttm to get it to work. It says I need to sign up but I already have. no help on faqs so I'm just really confused. and yess I used the passcode they gave me (in case you answer).

One of Elites most versatile and interesting works

First off, it's been far too long Elite, and I apologize, but I have been swamped with...well...life! a lot of stuffs been happening, or believe me, I'd give you some RAVE reviews. My music has been booming and taking a very interesting turn, as has yours I see. So lets begin.

I only have the time right now for one real solid review so I really wanted to pick one that got my attention and seemed to stand out. You know; special. I found it in Elite's seemingly harmless Title of "Waiting for Blue".

I really do ask you Elite, as a friend, to please consider putting just a few more touches to the song, while PLEASE leaving out your signature, what I call, "The Elite Ferrex Bubbly Crescendo" Loop, out of the song please. Its in all your songs man! I mean really! one listener can only have SO much of the "The Elite Ferrex Bubbly Crescendo" Loop, its tiring after a while.

I think one of the hugest reasons this song stands tall from the rest is the fact that your crescendo transition IS DIFFERENT than your other works, and very well balanced and neat to boot. I REALLY want you to hear me on this one Elite, because I think that getting stuck in a repetitive samey vortex is the thing that will make or break you, this case, majorly breaking you. Look at one of NG's greatest composers G-Rave(Now known as G-r4ve), he's dried up because he was stuck in the same loop-age/ synth rut. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN ELITE.

Change your style! Not that its bad I mean, just change it up a little and ADD ON to what you KNOW already works so that its audibly different to listeners, but the same great Elite Ferrex product that everybody knows and loves. Same great product, different, shinier, more appealing packaging. I really hope you understanding what I'm saying, because I REALLY enjoyed G-rave's work until I started noticing that EVEN HE began getting tired of his style. Don't wear yourself out bud.

If you need inspiration, try listening to something completely new, a whole genre of music you haven't tried before. TRUST me, it will get your noodle working. and don't force it! just IMPLANT the new musical ideas in your brain and let them sit and simmer until one day, when your not even THINKING about music, a phenomenal idea will just EXPLODE out of your head.

"Back to Blue", "Eternity in Blue", or "Indigo Sun", I think would all be VERY appropriate names for this very meaningful song. It really speaks to me, like there was something going on in your head about something or someone at the time while you were waiting that just, what I like to call, "surfaced in music". You needed or wanted to deal with the certain "thing", but your brain didn't know how at the time, so when you least expected it, it came and blind-sided you as a song. THATS what I think sounds like happened with this song.

I really enjoy this piece, as its balanced nature REALLY brings out the feelings and emotions behind it. It's the pin-point balance and volume control and subtle "water drop synths" in the background that really brings "Blue" to life for the listener. I really like it, I really do.

Let me tell you something very important that I have learned in my life time Erich. I learned this from a very important girl to me that saved my music career a year and a half ago.

"Sound and sheer entertainment in music isn't everything. It needs balance and subtlety. What I'm saying to you, is that the loud interesting parts, may get the mass's attention, but it doesn't communicate who you really are as a musician and a person. focus not on the loud vibrant melodies and chord proggressions, but on the core of the piece, the true melody that comes from your soul and into your music and instrument. Focus on the quiet parts more over the louder bravado."

Basically in a nut shell, what Jenny's saying is that treat your music like someone you really truly love, gently, and tenderly. This song, that I really want to dub "Indigo Sun", is finnally showing us the listeners a side to you we havent really seen. The quieter, more in depth Erich.
Keep moving in that direction friend

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EliteFerrex responds:


Thank you very much, Tom. This song was definitely an old one, and I understand what you mean by the crescendo bubbly loop, and I've actually since stopped using it, for the most part. But enough about that; I have to thank you, this review is by far the longest that you (or anyone else) have ever given me, and the most in-depth. After reading your review, I think I'll try booting up this project file, and see if I can't bring it up to speed and into my full capability.

It's very encouraging to receive such a great review, from a true musician, on a song that I had always considered as something I had just thrown out there. But, looking back at it, you've touched on an interesting point; this song really is quite different from the majority of my work.

Anyway, for the sake of keeping things brief, I'll get back to this song as soon as I can. I'm actually exporting a bunch of High Quality versions on some of my current songs for a fellow here on NG who requested copies of them personally. Thank you again for your time, consideration, and continuing support. It's always a bit disheartening when I release a song that I had great fun making, truly enjoy, and think will do very well, but in the end goes generally unnoticed and un-reviewed (kind of like this song). You, however, are one of the few strong sources of encouragement that keeps me going. Thank you.


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