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Hostilities Exist

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Song started out as something of a doom-metal track, but it took on something of a martial and then even more modern rock sound towards the end. Also, the song just ends, still learning this whole song-writing thing :).
My first submission to newgrounds, so be gentle! :).

Made using FL Studio 7 for tracking, with NI Battery VST for drums. All guitar work was done through a Line 6 TonePort. Mastering was done through Adobe Audition.



yeah it does sorta remind me of doom - or one of thsoe oldschool games :P

now all it needs is metallica-like lyrics :P you should collab up with bad-man-inc. On this - he's one of the only audio regs I know who sings in that sorta style..


Great Song

Very good

good shit

do you have a band in canada?

Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks man,

No I don't have a band, I self produce everything. I'd love to play in a band, though i'm not sure i'd so much want to play the style of music I create in a band unless it's a large band with the same musical goals as me.
But just being in a 4 piece rock band playing classic rock tunes that plays bar shows would be awesome!



For doing this in FL Studio and Adobe Audition, this sounds really good. Never knew anyone to use FL as their DAW for recording metal. Nicely done though.

I like the riffs a lot, even though I'm not much into doom metal. They are full and very methodical. The drums could be slightly louder in the mix in my opinion. And punchier too. Compress 'em some I say! :-)

Nice little tune here overall.

4/5 and 8/10 overall. Nice work here.


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Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks Gravey, this is pretty old and also the first piece I ever uploaded to newgrounds, i'm surprised you liked it. I was still learning a lot about working in FL Studio which is evidenced by the god awful drumming, I was also still very new to recording in general which is why the mix and everything is pretty bad. I've got a lot of metal stuff on my hard drive which I will, one day, get around to finishing, I hope ;). I'm glad you liked it though, i've always liked the general ryhtm in this piece, I do want to redo it properly with the tools and knowledge I have now, and probably will do so, one of these days.

And yeah, FL Studio actually works pretty good as a DAW, at least, I like using it for that, I find it easy to work in. I've tried other DAW's and find them really clunky in comparison, though they do make working with WAV's easier. I dunno, I know most pro guys look down on FL Studio, but i've always liked it, and it's only getting better with every release. And i've always found adobe audition to be incredibly good for wav editing and recently, with newer versions of it anyways, for general mastering.


Hey :)

Hey man, pretty decent first submission.
Its a shame its been blown to oblivion...Well I gave it a 5 for ya ;)
Not to bad for a first submission...my only advice would to not to make it to repetitive, lol hey I made the same mistake when i first started submitting to this site...see the problem is there are some kids on here with the attention span of a goldfish and will only listen to the first 10 seconds, and if they don't like those first few seconds they'll blam it. But anyways your overall song clarity is very good, especially for a first submission....so keep it up man!


Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks for the kind words rocker206.

It's definitely a bit repetitive so point taken, but I come from a doom-metal background which tends to be both very slow and often repetitive, so it only comes naturally! Haha. ;)

I plan to do some more trad metal stuff too in the future I think, but I do so love the slow, plodding, heavy melodic stuff!


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4.07 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2008
8:32 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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