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As much as I love my last submission, this one blows it (and by extension everything else I've done so far) out of the water. I know it's probably not industrial, but it's the closest genre I could describe it as. Enjoy.

As usual, all recorded with piano or synth keyboard, guitar/bass guitar, and a drum machine.


Simple and Mellow

For the record, this does sound industrial, it's just a little mellow. Slow and mellow is not a bad thing at all. I can see this being used in a good flash. It has some "scary" elements and intense parts through out the song.

The fade in/out and the beginning of the track is fitting and the clarity through out the song is great. The only suggestions I have is maybe some more intense builds and breaks through out the track, maybe some more synths or solos to make the track a little more "catchy"?

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kevs91 responds:

Yeah, looking back, this could definitely use some more movement. Still, it was an important learning piece for me. I'd definitely agree with your point about its "catchy-ness" and mood.

Thanks for the review.


Alot of weird sound effects hear, not as heavy as I normaly like but still good. Kinda off beat not that thats a bad thing, but I think here it just gets to be a bit too much, I mean there is no real melody here, and I think you kinda over did on the distortion. So what I whould suggest is, add a few more clean on key synths or instraments, add a base line and more volume on the drums. It is pretty good though.

kevs91 responds:

I'm not sure what you mean by off beat. The percussion is intentionally more varied and with a bit more movement than I normally have, but it's never off beat. If you're referring to some of the background noise, that is intentionally off beat, and it's really not that often (it draws attention to it, and is pretty cool, in my opinion).

It's not the most melodic piece, but it's not supposed to be. The drums, actually, I find to be a bit too loud, so I'm not sure I'd turn it up, especially since I don't find percussion to be the most interesting aspect of a song. As for the distortion, that's really part of the feel of the piece, and since there are a bunch of cleaner sounds used, I think more would have made the track lose a big theme and part of its identity.

Don't mean to sound disagreeable, but I guess it's a matter of opinion on some of the things you bring up. I'll keep your suggestions in mind though for next time (the thing I'm working on, for example, is much more melodic).

Again, thank you for the criticism, I really do appreciate it and I will keep it in mind for my future stuff, even if I disagree with parts of it.


some real nice dissonance at around 40secs. seems to lose it's way a bit there, may just be my ears but comes back with avengence around 1:30, that section is great. the adjurning section is good too b4 it kicks back in.
interesting stuff

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kevs91 responds:

Thank you for the review and the kind words.

The dissonance was something that came as a (subtle) result of the pedal I used on the guitar, so I decided to underscore that a bit with some unstable keyboard stuff during that chorus-y chord chug part, if that's what you're talking about at all.

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Feb 18, 2008
4:47 PM EST
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