I Like to Hit Things

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Last Update: Blarg! I just uploaded it and I played it back only to hear that one section had stuffed up volume levels, so I fixed that, tweaked a couple of things, and NOW it's absolutely final.

Update again: I think the composition aspect of this is absolutely final now, a little bit of extra dynamics, but it's only barely noticeable. Anyway, this is the final, the one for judging for the MAC8-Pillars of Pico, Dad 'n Me section. Enjoi!!!

While I'm at it I might as well do a bit of a story to it.
The song starts out with the father and son, going about their normal day, walking through the park, hitting anyone that gets in their way. What fun! Then the time change is their picnic spot, and there happens to be some kids in that spot. So they pick out their targets, and bash them one by one, a little slower, and more laborous task, but they've got their perfects spot now. But it's still mid-morning, lets go kiddie hunting. So the fast part is them running through the park swinging their fists all over the place, hitting lots of things. But oh-noes! There's another bully in the area, and him and his dad want to fight us! So dad 'n me wrestle with the other big guys, and manage to pin them to the ground until they call defeat, and they sit on the bench watching their defeated foes run away, distressed. That's the minor part, and the brief major part after it. Then they spend the afternoon tripping up the occasional kid, but they're getting a little tired. Dad says to me, we should probably go home soon, your mom will be waiting for us, so they make the most of the end of the day, a last ditch of beating up some more children, and they make their way towards home, as the sun sets on the horizon. (Would that not be the most awesomest newgrounds day movie ever?!)

Update: Here's a more coplete version, the slow section is shorter and I've added a fast section and a key change, so it gets a bit different near the end. It's not quite finished yet, further criticism is welcome, if you haven't reviewed it already, please do, tell me what you think.

I'd like to know what people think of this. It's simple, it's fun, but it's also repetitive, and I need to mix it up more and add a lot of variation to it. I really like the tempo shift, and if I could add a couple more, I could probably get the SMW ending theme type snazzy sound. It's still a long way off being finished, but here it is anyway, up for criticism. It's supposed to be in the style of Dad 'n Me. This song's for you, Dan Paladin! <3

Also: LOL


Great use of the piano

Pianos are great. They can fit in almos every kind of song, I think. And you know how to use it very well. Ok, lets start.

The intro is very good, it's even a little creepy. It sounds like an entire chorale is about to enter. the beginning is also very catchy, it has a very good rythym. I liked it a lot. The song keeps basicaly the same until...

...the rythym changes to something completely different from the first part! That was very unexpected, if I wasn't looking at the time bar I'd have thought that it was about to end. It was a great transition, well done.

I don't have any suggestions for this song, it's great the way it is. Who knows, maybye you can change the rythym again during the song. Excellent work, keep up!

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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. The main progression at the start is just a simple vamping bass with a couple of accidentals at the end, which give the song the cheeky/snazzy tune, without those two notes this song would be very different.
I'm working on more tempo changes and rhythm changes, so I'll have a longer, broader range of piano playing by the time I've finished.
I'm quite fond of the piano, but one thing annoyed me here was that the tone of the bass kept changing. One note in the bass was really clunky, and another one was a lot softer, and playing the bassline going *clunk clunk clunk* to *plink plinnk plink*, that annoyed me a little bit, so I want to change that in the end. But I do love using the piano in most of my songs.
Thanks for the comments.


I think this would be perfect for a silent movie :D. It sounds somewhere in between comical, sad, cheerul and comical, so it's just perfect for those type of films ^^.

I think the piano is played very nice (both, the "lead" melody and the "bass line").

I like how you slow down the song at the middle and "prepare" this way for the very nice ending.

{ Review Request Club }

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WritersBlock responds:

I've added a fast section to it, but I'm still working through it, and I'm going to add another slow part, vary the rhythms a bit more, and complete it a bit more.


I really like it! In the beginning, it kinda reminded me of the Benny Hill theme :P
The ending is fantastic! The tempo shift was cool too, that could've ruined the whole song if not done correctly, but it worked out very nice :D
10/10 and 5/5 a download and you're on my favorites list now.

PS: Imagine a hardcore techno remix of this xD

WritersBlock responds:

Cheers. I've added another tempo shift, but it's still using the same patterns, so I'm going to change that, and yeah, I might mess around with the instrumentation (that's what the real Dad'n'Me theme did).
Thanks for the review.

I think I get this

Good music for casual infantile destruction. Like a Dr. Suess book.
I can't give too much comment on this, but its good.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, man.

LOL! Great!

I can just picture a funny voice singing "I, like, like to hit things!"

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, lots of funny weird stuff could happen with this music =P
Now let's run around and bash up some kids!!!

Thanks for the review.

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