Miles away from the sun

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This one pretty much took all day because I was quite bored. The only problems is the melody synth. It was really hard too make it and it still has some distortion problems especially when the piano comes in. I may fix that if I have time later in the afternoon but I dunno. I will respond to reviews as quickly as possible. Thanks for listening.


Sure has the makings of a trance tune

First thoughts: Very bassy. That could sound pretty good on any normal system or possibly headphones, but it was a bit much for how I had my speakers. The song really is just like the title, very spacey sounding - not a bad thing, I rather like the fact that it is a pretty wide mix. Stuff used doesn't sound pre-canned, like you attempted to at least customize the synths if not create presets yourself - good news :) I've heard so much of the prefab FL stuff everywhere else :P

Nitpicks: As noted before, the bass is pretty intense. The levels of everything else are just fine, just that bass... whew. The saw synth is pretty basic, sort of raw - it could probably do without the phaser and maybe use a chorus or flanger instead. The square pluck sound is decent. Whenever the bass is playing, it chokes off the rest of the mix quite a bit. Some of your low synths are eating each other with conflicting notes, I'd recommend keeping lower stuff together - since you can get creative with chords using mid and high synths instead. The song sort of drags on for a while, like some parts are a bit lengthy. That's trance for ya, though.

Overall, it does sound pretty good. Decent arrangement and there's enough variation to keep me in the song, but not by a very large margin. It's difficult to listen to the long version of a trance tune in my book, though. Most of them are designed to play for long stretches so they can be mixed with other tunes. No biggie.

I guess I get to be the lowest reviewer here so far, eh? I'm a harsh nitpicky critic; that is what makes people improve. Hopefully some of the nitpicks and tips I've offered will allow you to maximize your skill and improve :)

Nice !

Trance isn't my style but this rocks, man. It's quite arranged and well mixed. Very good job with this ! \m/

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4.43 / 5.00 (+ 0.014)

See ya !

whirlpool responds:

yay! ^^ thanks!

Well, it's going to be a big one...

As my reviews for songs like this are always big. Goodbye, up to half an hour of my time... D:

Your intro is pretty good, though it lasts for too long. Progress things faster, instead of adding one synth or changing the drums a little bit once per 8 measures or so. :P If you want a longer song, though, find better ways to stretch out that progression - keep the bass on one note until you introduce the actual bassline along with some other melodic/harmonic part. Good idea, having the hihats play, but not consistently, for the sake of progression... it keeps the song interesting while leaving yourself somewhere to go. ;D

Your bass synth is on the offbeat, which has been done waaaay too often and shouldn't happen in trance songs like these. There are tons of great ways to use a bass synth to make an awesome trance song, and this isn't one of them. It's an icing-on-the-cake thing - you can have a good song with a bass on the offbeat, but a good arped, sidechained, or even gated bass would make the song that much better. ;D Your bassline pattern isn't original at all, I've heard it one time too many - it's the 1-1-6-7 bassline pattern and I've fallen prey to it myself, in my song Rush. XD The synth itself is pretty good, no complaints...

I hear a pad in the intro, and it appears to be playing the bassline. Thing is, half the time, the bass keeps its note, and the other half, it changes with the pad. When the bass keeps its note, the pad plays the bassline and it results in clashing notes... here's a good rule of thumb: don't let two low-range synths or instruments play different notes. It results in clashing notes, even if they wouldn't normally clash in the higher ranges, and possibly distortion.

Drums are pretty nice, with a house influence to them and a pretty original sound, though I think I recognize those open hihats from VEC. :P The kick isn't one that's supposed to have a big boom, which isn't quite my taste in kicks, though it works just fine and is pulled off well, save the little bass that it does have, which is drowned out... see the paragraph on EQing. When it's not playing on the beat - transitions, etc. - it's used well, too, and the rhythms are good. The only exception is where it hits at 2:16 or so - it sounds a bit random, as there's nothing after it until the buildup less than a measure before the next section. It sounds kinda like a mistake to me, actually. :P The clap is well-chosen and not overpowered or overpowering... and the crash is just a little bit quiet, but it's no big deal. Hihats, open and closed, are also good choices, and not too quiet or loud. The snare is good too, though it doesn't never becomes loud enough to make a good buildup. It's always a little bit overpowered... this sort of thing could just be fixed by raising the final volume it goes up to in the snare rolls. Your bongo-ish drums in the beginning are great... kinda disappointing you don't use them later on. :(

Your synths are all great, I don't recognize a single one, so at least to me, you have your own, original sound. :D Composition is nice, too - trancy, and not overly powerful nor calm to the point of being boring. It's consistent, which is good, but not repetitive, either. Rhythms are unique, and not repetitive, too, which is great. I like your choice in piano, too! :D Way to use a filter with it, too... I really ought to try that sometime. :P

As for the overall structure, progression, and pacing of the song, you do a good job fitting a peak, breakdown, and a second peak into four minutes. :P I would have liked to see a good buildup between the breakdown and the second peak - oh well, the song worked fine without it. ;)

The mixing/EQing sounds fine in the upper ranges... sadly, down in the lower ranges, I hear ridiculous amounts of bass! D: It's probably the low pad (which, now that I think about it, you didn't really need, and if you HAD to have it, could have EQed better) and the bass. Careful there - nearly always, you should need only one low-range synth or instrument at a time.

Great job overall, I'm out of spa

whirlpool responds:

Sence i pretty much responded to you on aim, theres nothing for me to talk about here x_x


It's good.

This is really good, I loved the synths. The progression was not too bad.

The only thing I didn't like was the percussion; I think it could be a lot better. Work on that. =P Great job overall.

whirlpool responds:



When you said to check out your stuiff, I assumed their were stuff xD, turns out theres one song, lol.

Anyways, onto the song. It has a very promising progression, my only complaint would be with the beat, the drum kit seems a bit half baked or w/e.

I am terribad at reviewing nowadays -.-

whirlpool responds:

your terribad at making music! ha ha, jk :P thanks for the review.

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