CTSG: Shapeshifter

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The first Continue the song game ever! Featuring 12 different artists in 1 single song! Each artist had been given 15 seconds out of the full song - nothing more - nothing less! And were asked to do their best, making this the best tune ever ;)

Credit goes to:
Solid Electro, Claxor, G9, Writersblock, SolusLunes, Rig, Father-Of-Death, Karco, SBB, 2nd-Edition, Envy and Whirlguy! And of course the whole audio forum of newgrounds, for shoving such a big interest in this project!



idk, it's hard to get into it first. Just about had an orgasm when Rig's part came in though. Loved Envy's part as well.

This was fun! =D

Solid Electro: The song starts off rather simple, its a good intro but doesnt show much skill from the maker.

Claxor: Once it finishes it continues completely unexpected. Again, there's not too much effort, although it was pretty original.

C9: After that comes some impressive guitar playing, which takes the last melody from where it ended, and gives new power to it.

Writersblock: The guitar playing ends and gets a classical response, which is nicely composed, but could have been worked out better.

Soluslunes: The strings end into something nice and synthy, extending the calm sounds a bit longer, leaving a great opportunity to explode in the following part.

Rig: And things DO explode! This is where Rig kicks in with drum&bass.

Father-of-Death: "We all suck, Father-of-Death rules. His VST's, are really cool" ......Well FoD is in no way cooler than me lol! :P But his song completely made by his voice samples is very nice! =D The ending to this is very cool.

Karco: A nice dance beat continues where the voices decide to keep their mouths shut from telling any more lies O:<

SBB: And this rush ends in some really chill ambient/lounge/aqua style music.

2nd-Edition: This ambience is soon to be disturbed by the sound of blips and blops, dropping in out of sync: Which is kind of stylish, but not to everyone's liking.

Envy: Envy continues the song with some powerfull trance.

Whirlguy: Which is continued by me, who I will not review, but I hope you'll like it!

I was supposed to create the ending which I kind of rushed. I wanted to take the opportunity to create some music myself, and after that focus on the ending, which I then had very little time for. Maybe because I created an intro? After that we just decided to fade my part out. Also I had some trouble with my speakers, and if I had a little more time I probably would have done a better job with all the details, but I think it turned out pretty good anyway.
I hope you'll enjoy the project!^-^

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The first part is kindof weak- the resonance- and filter-automation make you want to continue it the same way- but then there's suddenly some harmonica thing? With pretty damn average drums (Claxor). Luckily there's a mighty impressive part with meaty as hell drums and a great guitar (G9). Next part doesn't sound much on-key at all, at least in the first part it sounds more like a keyboard-mash. Good strings thoe, not too interesting piano sound (WritersBlock). I love that pretty damn intense part we got later on, nothing more to comment there than it's damn sweet (Rig). I don't really have any comment for the next part (Father-of-Death) but I love the next part, the transition went vewy well, and the main thing sounds pretty damn professional (Karco). I won't comment my own part, but it looks like SOMEONE made it clip throughout the part, and for that, I am angreh >:( (SBB) Okay some rather glitchy drums all around, nice triangle stuff, mixed well into it (2nd-Edition). I think I could recognise the author of the next part from a mile away, just look for the sidechaining all over the goddamn place, but I loved that here so no problems (Envy). The ending mixed damn well with the previous part, and had a nice sound itself- since it's got an ending in it, I think the fade wasn't called for (Whirlguy)

Yeh how the fuck am I supposed to review it in any other way :P

Nothing constructive crit here but it's not like it's not too late for that

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this is an awesome idea

i would totally like to get in on the next one of these

this came out pretty good for what it is
gj everyone

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Finally finished, eh?

Even though I've listened to most of it plenty of times while making my own section, it still sounds awesome every time. :D Download, 10, and 5, just because I can. ;D

Great job to everyone, we had some truly impressive artists working on this! Though the fade-out was a bit of a disappointment... ah well. :P I'll be sure to add something to the next one... >:)

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SolidElectro responds:

That would be great Karco!

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