Boss Musick

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My take on video game boss battles.

Meant to loop.

Tell me what you think.

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You mind if I use this musick for my youtube outro?

This song in really good, I was wondering if I can use this music in my game that I'm doing that combines perfectly, in case I can, I
I can put your music credits, thank you.

Amazing!!! Could've add more beats at some point or just intensify the music more, but this is syper cool still! GG

This is more of an epic boss song

Upon seeing the name "Boss Musick" I was a bit intrigued, it's a rare sight to see a DnB boss song that's loop-able.

Upon hearing the song, I have come to this conclusion: it's not your standard boss song.

No, it's a something more than that. It's more of a true final boss song, the kind where you've exhausted all your options after defeating the "supposed" final boss, only to find out that he was a puppet to something much, much darker.

Kind of an End Of The World Boss.

Which makes me want to ask, may I use it in a game I am making in GameMaker7? It sounds simply perfect for the Final Boss I have in mind.

Peptotrippin responds:

Sounds about right. Go for it!


I wasn't quite sure what you meant by saying "boss". I thought you were going more for "boss" as in something being really cool, but of course this works out either way. I guess it doesn't seem that thrilling to me because I am not there fighting an actual boss or anything. It certainly has a lot of ambition and is meant to loop. I felt this had a lot of ambition as it seemed to have a lot of tunes and the like to it. While not one of my favorites, this was a great piece of audio and deserves its praise.