Synthetic Symphony

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I began to realise that I cannot step over the depressive music.


If i ever...

...make a flash about my life i will use this song in it! And if you don't allow me to, i will simply not upload it!

(Me making a flash video is as likely to happen as Russia and USA destroying all their nuclear warheads)

Great song!

Black. And gray. No one wants to wear bright colors to a funeral. Looking down at your brother everything slows. The world feels tinny. Fake. This can't be real. You hear the music coming over the speakers as if from far away. You can't tear your eyes away from his face; except that he is so pale, he could be sleeping. Your heart feels as if it's been hollowed out and filled with lead. You start to reach down and touch his hand, then check yourself; you don't want to feel how cold he is. A single snowflake lands on his forehead. Another star wrenched from heaven by the cruel hand of fate.


like a tag i once saw when i was riding the bus to school "we think too much, but feel too little" very fitting for the atmosphere this song gives.

broove responds:

Hey. Glad you think that way. Thank you

Real piano would do the job

It is a really great song you made here, but like you said yourself: For good ears it will never be real. I have those ears ;P
The thing that bugs me the most is that the piano is just cut off after every tone.
For the rest there is nothing bad to say about it.
I'm going to download all what you have, cause it all sounds really good.

broove responds:

Actually, if you fuck around for a while, you can make synthetic instruments sound as good (or even better!) than the real ones. The problem with this song is that I used cheap samples + spent rather little time to improve the sound.

I'm glad you like my music, thank you ;)


It's not "depressive". It can be melancholic, can be music that forces to think about things and situations we usually pass by because of "I have no time for it..." or "I'm busy for something else...". It gives a good flow of energy. Yesteday I listened to your music much and then gone asleep. Today I was very happy, even unusuall happy whole day. Now I'm listening to your music to form right mind flow, to know, what to do tomorrow.
Keep going with instrumental music. You make good arranges as well and sound is amasing. I would never believe that you play MIDI keyboard - I thought that player can make such good voice only by playing real piano in room with good acoustic and recording by good microphone. Again, wonderful sound.
Good luck!

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broove responds:

Most people do things just because others do the same. We are busy all the time, yet we don't do anything at all...

Actually, it's not that hard to make synthetic music sound real (for good ears it will never be real, though). You just have to record the notes and do some boring stuff afterwards.

It's rewarding to know that my music can make you stop for a moment. We need to do that more often :)
And thank you again!

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Feb 2, 2008
6:49 PM EST
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