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So a new song by me. It has a mix of Ambient, Techno And soft DnB in it so.. Something for everyone:P
I hope you guys enjoy
Please be constructive in your reviews.

PS: It's a song but it loops so... I put it as a song



Really liked it, melo and constant. Just keeps on going and breaks off into random tangents. But as dance type songs go i like it. And it loops excellently too, Great job

=Reveiw Request Club=

(title in work)

Well I'm quite used to hearing Jazz from you, but you seem to have a knack for techno as well. I really liked the BPM changes in this, they made the song interesting to listen to. You had a lot of different instruments used in this and it was quite a combination of several different genres. Great stuff.

What a mix!

Hi there J! Cool song you made :), as usual lets sum things up:

+ What a combination
+ Cool acceleration / deceleration (as Bezman said)
+ Huge variety of instruments went by (thus huge diversity)

- I really didn't like the clap sound, it's too overused

Awesome song you made, with all these styles, keep up the good work! Just don't try using the clap too often

||Review Request Club||

Interesting acceleration/deceleration.

At the start, the beat's nice and gentle and the 'windy/airy' notes in the bg work.

Quite a drastic change around 1:47 and then 2:48 for the speed up/slow down. It's quite rare to hear an acceleration like that and it's both refreshing and nerve-wracking simultaneously.

Loops really well too, whilst also providing a nice 'finish' if listened to in iTunes.

This could be really excellent for a game where stuff happened on the beat. You know, like an abstract avoider/collector, or a shooter or something with different mechanics, but set to the rhythm.

Actually, I might do that after Fruity Fish, parhaps starting at the 56s mark to jump into the action. I like the number of instruments and the development of the melody.

Nothing specific to complain about. It's not a tune like most, thanks to the varying tempo, but that's a good thing! All I can' think of that would make me raise the score is maybe even more development and one or two more instruments. But really, when I start rating things 8/10, it's awesome as is and to get a better score, you need to kinda show me things I don't even realise I want, yknow?

.:Review Request Club:.

Calm, yearning

This tune appears to want to be something, but it can't quite figure out what. I can now see why you called it 'untitled*'

Works nicely with the badgers graphic and the various parts of the music that you explored over this track certainly lead to a lot of variation, although I'm not sure about the speed increase in the middle of the track onwards.

I was glad when it finally came back down from the sugar high and resumed a more controlled track, like my title suggested.

[Review Request Club]

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3.91 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2008
2:15 PM EST
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