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Alright, so I tried to make a Drum and Bass, and half way through I decided to fool around and just make it build alot, and it sounded good, so I kept it. Ok, one thing that really pissedme off was the fact I didnt know what there were these fancy little motherfuckers called automation clips, i thought they were some lame LFO device...

I controlled all the volume, EQ, and effect changes using fruity formula controllers, and those things are fruity, let me tell you. Their window only shows 36 characters, so if you have something longer than that, you cant see it all at one time, and you cant use shift+arrow key to select things, no, it brings the sequencer up, so I had to write things in .txt files and copy and paste. Here are some of the codes I wrote (there are 20 in total):

ifG(songtime, 20*4)*.69+ifG(songtime,19 *4)*ifLE(songtime,20*4)*(
19*4+2-songtime)*.69/2+if LE(songtime, 6.75*4)*.69*(ifL(sin(song time*PI/4),0)*a+(1-a))+if G(songtime,6.75*4)*ifLE(s ongtime, 19*4)*(sin(songtime*PI/2)

max(ifG(songtime, 6*4)*.7+ifLE(songtime, 6*4)*(max(ifG(sin(songtim e*PI/4),0)*.6,ifG(sin((so ngtime-a*2)*PI/4),0))*.7+
ifLE(sin((songtime-a*2)*P I/4),0)*max(sin((songtime -2.5)*PI/4)*.7,.3)),.5)

alright, I think that is all the ranting i have, but ya, I stopped working on this song because i was mad about the auto clips.

let me know what you think (about the song, not my rant)


Well made song

I thought that this was made pretty well. It's biggest aim was to place emphasis on certain notes at a single time. It was short, but probably didn't need to be longer to promote monotonousness.

HEAD Bopp'in!!!!

When I heard this song while I was home alone. I started jumping and dancing like nobodies business. The build and everything. I really liked it! I had to of listened to this 10 times by now!!!

Faved - 10 stars - 5 vote!


I like the bass leads and the drum patterns, I would however recommend getting some new drum samples, it sounds like you were using the fl studio samples


If you sign up for this forum, you can get a ton of killer sample packs to download for free, not to mention there is a FL studio sub forum that is very informative


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MusicIsBliss responds:

wow! awesome! thanks!!!


Really good song, with a real manic feeling to it. Nice build up, and when it breaks in was just wanna dance. Really excellent melody too, beats excellent. Nothing much I didn't like about it

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Hi there, I'm really a fan of DnB so I'm happy you made this track, I always sum things up, so lets do it!

+ Nice Bass
+ Cool way of progressively inserting the drum beat part by part

- A huge twist to it would be cool
- A bit on the short side

Nice DnB you made! Try adding a twist to the song (e.g. dim the bass and add a highat beat, afterwards add the bass slowly into the song)! Good job

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Feb 1, 2008
8:48 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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