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_-={The Deads Witness}=-_

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An older project made a long time ago for the game "Wulfpack". The project has long been canceled and the song long forgotten. Recently due to some unseen circumstances I have found it again, and felt that it is a piece that even to this day I have always loved. It is one of my most memorable pieces in my opinion, and one I hold closest to my heart!

I won't go into the full details of the song as it would take up a lot of time and more space then is available but the premise of it is the telling of 7 great warriors who rose to exterminate a land of a spirit of pure darkness. The tribe responsible for releasing the spirit believed with all their being it was a good one, that would shape the planets into better order. These 7 great Wulves succeeded and their story told throughout time.

The descendants of these great 7 fighters find themselves gathering to each other through forces outside their control when the great spirit, who by the warping of time is known to be good again, is released onto the planets. A calling so strong, a yearning so dire they can do nothing but answer, together as one, one last time!

SprintT has written a neat poem to go along with the song, I would like to share it with the listeners.


Long ago.
Time was froze.
War was in tow.
Seven men the gods chose.

To give all that is brave
March to death
Lands threatened by obliteration they must save
Fight until their last heaving breath

The story of the ancients never shall be lost
To give all
To stand victorious at any cost
To heed a dieing call

Heed thy call O' brave souls
Mistakes now distant
The sky it howls
The spirit is ever persistent

The return of that vanquished
Time has dearly come
The lands have flourished
New great men now can hear that of the war drum

Stand tall
Stand proud
Be willing to give it all
Protect the lands as the gods once vowed.

Dark clouds threaten to embellish the land
Fires spark to burn thy kin to ash
Hatred willing to turn grain to sand
All shall feel evils harsh lash

Thou seven must go and fight
Go with open mind
Fight without freight
The lands hope is you may I remind

Except this noble cause,
and forever shall fates be intertwined
Succeed and return to much applause.
To fail, is the end of Wulfkind.
- SprintT -

Enjoy, The Dead's Witness!



The song deserves to be in a videogame. It feels like you are listening to the music at the ending credits of an epic game. It also sounds like it is from turok or some fighting game. You got to make more songs like this song.

Veery cool!!!

I hope to see more like this!

For Sure...

One of the coolest pieces I have seen here on NG.


I love all your work, you are amazing.
You havr the ability to move people.

Amazing start- Great Drums

First of all the song as a whole was put together greatly as it has variety throughout it and it doesn't get there with a giant swing from place to place. I loved how you did that little stop near 2:20 or so and did that drum part :P. I didn't like however when you quieted the drums down for the song :(. The drums were a great opening and it gave it power and strength and when it quieted down I kind of lost faith a little but a got it back in the end. Loved it

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Feb 1, 2008
5:33 PM EST
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