Downtown Strut

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This clip is from a pre-production reference track for an indie film I'm scoring. It's a walking theme for the film's protagonist...again, think "Shaft". You feedback is appreciated.


Why are people bombing this?

This song doesn't really have any flaws. None that stand out for sure. It's just a small catchy song. Yeah, it probably shouldn't be on the best of all time list, but lots of others shouldn't either. Everyone needs to vote fairly. If you don't like this type of music then go away. It's pretty simple. I dont understand why everyone has to bomb this song. If you find yourself bombing this song, you should ask yourself "what are You trying to pull?"

SSM-NW cool song. Thats really sweet that your making an indie film and good luck with that. It will probably work perfectly for the scene but as an overall song I would suggest adding some things to make it more exciting, larger climax/'s and make it a bit longer. Good Luck on the film and future projects. Im sorry people are shitting on your work so badly.

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SSM-NW responds:

I appreciate that you've come to my defense, and don't worry so much. I decided to submit clips here as a way of getting creative feedback on my work from a larger, more diverse audience, but I guess this wasn't the place to receive such criticism. No big deal, I have other outlets for such endeavors. For these reasons, I am removing my submissions from this site...I'm sure a few of these "critics" will be quite happy about that.

As far as this song clip is concerned, it is for an indie film I'm scoring, not making...I must say, I have no skill whatsoever either in front of or behind the camera. However, I do make my living writing commercial music, I have been doing so sucessfully for about 5 yrs, and it keeps me happy and pays the bills...so while these kids are giving me crap, I'm laughing on the way to the bank.

Thanks for your comments, and I will take your suggestions into consideration. And please, don't feel that it is necessary to appologize for the bad behavior of others--it's just not your fault.

Best to you.

what i am doing while listening



I liked it, nice feel to it. Had this instant image of some cool black guy (not bein racist or anything) walkin down the street. Gotta agree with MENTOSandPEPSI tho, the who "can i hear a drum?" part is just a lil too slow. Well, not slow just almost nothin goin on. Put some more beats in there, 16ths split on some different pitched drums with a lil cymbal would fit nicely. All around, i liked it. Well done

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SSM-NW responds:

Thanks for posting an actual review, please know that it is appreciated! I'll think about doing something different with the breakdown, seems to be a common thread there in several other reviews. Best to you.

This is bad.

What are you trying to pull man????????????

SSM-NW responds:

I don't know, what am I trying to pull? Should someone with a bad review actually say something constructive--for instance, what it is you don't like...I might actually be able to answer such questions. Comments like "This sucks," and, "This is bad," don't actually say anything, aside from your opinion. A review, should you choose to examine how one is traditionally constructed, usually consists of constructive criticism (either good or bad, there ARE both comments expressed in other reviews of this song) so that the creator should learn from it. Not exactly what you went with here, but I'll try to answer your question...

I'm not trying to pull anything. Should a song reach the "Top" of the lists on this site, so be it, but I'm not going to apologize to anyone for it. Perhaps you should ask yourself this very same question...what are you trying to pull, man?


i expected a great song but it is more the same over and over, and is rather boring, no idea how this made the top songs, there is many other songs that is much better then this one

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Feb 1, 2008
5:18 AM EST
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