I Burn Bridges

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This is from our (relatively) new CD, The Swing of Things. Personally I'm not happy with the mastering job, but we got a huge discount, because we've got connections. :)

So enjoy 'I Burn Bridges,' and stay tuned after the song ends for our hidden track from the CD (Swing Thing, the CD's namesake), a special treat for anyone who cares enough to listen to us! It starts around 5:50, so you don't have to listen to such a long period of silence.

Also, our trombone player quit the band, and we're still breaking in the new one, so don't expect our next CD soon. But I'll probably upload more of our 2006/2007 CD in the near future.

Edit: If you want to vote zero, I'd appreciate a review letting me know why. We get plenty of good reviews, and that's great, but we want to improve, so don't be afraid to get ugly!



this really good, i mean it. i agree with sandordude on the drum's echo... but the drummer (he/she?) is very good especially in the hidden track

HyruleanHyroe responds:

He is VERY good, I can vouch for him. Basically a prodigy. He and a buddy of his wrote a drumset duet for their last school concert, and it OWNS. Linky is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMO7OC deqHQ

It's in two parts, cuz youtube = gay, but still it's pretty sweet. Check it out!

This isn't ska...

Well, this isn't really ska, but I gave you 5/5 because of the final jazz part, I like your version of "Sing Sing Sing". What's more, the song itself is pretty good, but this isn't exactly ska... I would define it a kind of rock with brass, of third wave of ska. Sorry for my bad english.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

You've got a point. I've said in the past, our early stuff basically IS rock with horns. Since then we've incorporated Ska chords, spiced up horn, bass, and guitar parts (drums were always spicy), and also improved our live show to closer fit the Ska image. If we EVER get this new stuff done, you'll have to give it a listen and tell me what ya think!


The brass needs to get louder with the lyrics though. I liked the guitar and bass line. Around the 2:30 spot it falls apart a little and then come back after that drop.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

The volume levels can be blamed on unnamed mixing man. Fie on he!

As for the trouble spot, yeah, I know. Everything for these tracks was done in one go, so not everything turned out perfectly. New stuff'll be better tho, I promise! :)


drums has got too much eco (umm is it called eco?) but the song is really cool..... it's not thaaaaat ska, but COOL!!

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Yomp! Thank you vurry much for the kind words!


i love it, long,lyrics,well made! keep it up!

HyruleanHyroe responds:

We sure will! Thanks for the encouragement, and check back again in a while for new stuff!!

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