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Winter Sojourn

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Author Comments

Winter can be so dismal, yet I try to look for the beauty in it. This song came from that feeling. It relfects a long journey of winter. Please enjoy!!
Thanks, Gary

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Imagination given form

There is beauty in everything we do and that feeling only enhances with age and wisdom, personally i've always found winter and rain a beautifull thing more so then spring and summer.

i found that at the 2:00 mark the violins became a little too repetative and lost some interest until 2:30 but that's just my preference.

In essence i applaud your work it does feel like a winter or cold environment and while there's a definite undercurrent of melancholy here there's also a realization of how do i put it....clarity i think.Such as when your sitting upon a park bench or something similar brooding then you see the smallest of things...leaves moving through the wind,birds flying or people walking to do whatever they set out to do that morn.
And with that comes the realization that beauty can leap from the simplest things...if only we are there to observe it...

Heh i tend to visualize a lot more then analyze in itself it gives insight to the nature of the piece and i think you almost hit the nail upon the head here.

I will probably listen to more of your work then comment.
Again good work
Untill next time

Great Sound

This is a great piece of music. I really like the way guitar harmony adds to the prelude. You could have laid back on the strings. They overpower the melody and almost completely drown out the piano. Nevertheless, great work, keep it up!

garyevor responds:

Thank you so much for yourreview, sorry about the strings, I guess I'm in love with them, next time maybe I'll pull them back.

Very, very immersive.

This was a very good piece of music. In fact, the music is still going through my mind right now because it's very hard to forget such a wonderful sound. Great job!

By the way, go to submissions and check out my song. I'd like to know what you think. Keep up the good work!

garyevor responds:

I appreciate your thoughts, they mean a lot to me. I'll give your music a listen.

hello! garyevor

Hey garyevor! first song of your's I've heard, but here is my review!

this piano beginning is nice and slow, great sound to it. Is that an acoustic guitar? it goes nicely with the piano. the strings come in slowly and also go nice with the rest. I like how you made every instrument come in like that. the build of this song is really nice. im at 1:46 now. The strings are getting louder and for a good reason! they sound amazing man! now it is getting a little repetitive, now it is slowing down. I'm at 3:36 and it is getting bigger with those strings. That guitar is starting to get louder too. now at 4:00 it is faster! and that makes the song prettier. now it is slow again and simplistic with soft music playing. nice quiet ending, i feel like im putting a baby to sleep now.

Shhhh, don't wake Robby.

This was a nice piece, beautifully composed. The instruments you used and how you made them blend together gets you 3 points. The lack of beat and bass seemed like a good thing in this piece. So you get 1 point for leaving that out. the melody blended nicely into itself and i will have this in my head for a long while. 3 points for that. teh tempo and volume level of this song seemed to change at the greatest times. you get another 3 points for making it sound so pretty. I'm sorry about this last point but i have to take off 1 point because even though it was so pretty, it did get repetitive. -1 there.
Overall a great song! you got a 9!!! you deserve some praise for this song!! relaxing piece i enjoyed writing a review for

garyevor responds:

Thank you so much for such an extensive review!!! Some really nice thoughts are included in them. I enjoy making music, I have for 50 some years (I'm old). Thanks for such refreshing thoughts.

Very Relaxing..

This is very, very beautiful. Relaxing too. Thumbs up, for submitting this beautiful piece.

garyevor responds:

Thanks for the the vote and thoughts. I was hoping that others would find it beautiful too, cause that's where it came from.

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Jan 30, 2008
11:03 AM EST
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