Playground - After Dark

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When the sun goes down, what child would go to the abandoned old playground? Some say spirits from the 'accident' 5 years ago haunt the area, but others say there are worse things hiding in the shadows. It was no accident, and everyone is sure of it, but the manner of the accident... what caused it? surely nothing human...

Yeah that's the kinda story line I was going for to fit this piece, feel free to comment your own visions in a review! =D I hope you enjoy.. in that.. creepy 'I'm scared' kinda way ^_^



An Ambience of True Fear.

I see an innocent hero, pitted against the greatest of all fears, by the one evil who hates that innocence most. Nothing too specific, heh...

Quite Eerie! This one might need a PG rating =P

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Dark-Frando responds:

XD ratings on a song that doesn't even have lyrics? nice concept =P

thanks for commenting!

Woah... man...

That's creepy as all hell bro. I kept looking over my shoulder nervously I was listening to the song... I'm scared... but why?... There's nothing there... it's just my normal room... right?... *laughs nervously*

Tip: Don't listen to this song at night. You will piss your pants from nightmares.

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Dark-Frando responds:

you know... longest I played a horror game is like and hour, and horror movies? more like ten minutes >< but I've watched my brother play all them sort of games so I guess that's where my ideas stem from ^^

Thanks for the comment! =D

a reflection....

she looks into the knife hoping for a relfection only to find the blood covers everything she sees. Blood and sand dont mix at this hour. the playground is deserted and the only live soul sits hoping for a relfection...were is it? gone with the soul of the other? The other lays face down on the merry go round, the only sounds are the squeeks of metal as the merry go round turns slowly. He was such a good person, its too bad it had to end this way....such a shame.......

Dark-Frando responds:

ha, niiiice, gives it a mentally twisted tinge to the loop =D

thanks for commenting!

Oh Crap...

After reading your description, I am really spooked! My mind painted a picture accurate enough to give me the creeps!

Great job on this piece...wish it were longer though. =/

Dark-Frando responds:

Heh, glad you found the theme within yourself for my music ^^ good to know when other people know where I'm going with my music =) and yeah, could probably do with being a little longer but it was initially a loop that i wanted to keep short. Maybe I'll do another creepy one soon :o

Thanks for commenting!

Dark feel

The music has a dark feel really nice to listen to, really suspenseful.

Dark-Frando responds:

Seeing as that was the general goal, I thank you! especially seeing as you took time out to comment me ^^

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