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Playground - After Dark

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Author Comments

When the sun goes down, what child would go to the abandoned old playground? Some say spirits from the 'accident' 5 years ago haunt the area, but others say there are worse things hiding in the shadows. It was no accident, and everyone is sure of it, but the manner of the accident... what caused it? surely nothing human...

Yeah that's the kinda story line I was going for to fit this piece, feel free to comment your own visions in a review! =D I hope you enjoy.. in that.. creepy 'I'm scared' kinda way ^_^



this is good!

its really creepy, it sounds like it should be in the resident evil games or in the movies. good job!


Dark-Frando responds:

agh... Resident evil scares the hell out of me, specially because of the controls >.< I could never quite bring myself to walk past them big... tall... easy to break windows... D=

thanks for reviewing!

Very nice. Kind of gave a sense of foreboding.

"C'mon Jenna!" Will shouted back to her as he stood on the sesaw. "Your too fast for me Will!" Jenna shouted back, sucking in air to catch her breath. Both of them were playing, blissfully unaware of the dull, life-less eyes that watched them from the foliage. "Will it's getting dark, we should get back or momma will get worried" Jenna said in a soft tone, her eyes scanning the shadowy playground, barely lit by the last few tendrils of light coming through the leaves of the trees. "Hahaha what are you, ascared?" Will said with a snicker as he bounded off into the trees. "Will!" Jenna called out. But all she could hear was the whistle of the wind and the crunch of dry leaves being stepped upon. 'Lets see her find me now hahaha' Will thought to him self. The eyes gazed down upon him from above, watching his movements with interest. It's placid, rotting hands reached out quickly, snapping Will's neck with a muffled crack. Will's body slid down the tree trunk to lay slumped on the ground. It's eyes lingered on Will's lifeless body for a few moments, as if they were taking in what it just did. "Will!...Will! I'm scared lets go home!" Jenna shouted, just from the tree line. It licked it's lips as it caught sight of Jenna, thinking about how both of his meals would taste. Jenna jumped as she heard somthing rustle in the fallen leaves, she took a few steps back, debating wethere to run, or find out if here brother was ok. A gust of wind blew leaves up all around her, she covered her face and fell to the ground, shocked and afraid. She sat back up, her body shaking, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She could sense there was somthing behind her, somthing ominous and foreboding. She slowly turned her head and before she even got the chance to take a breath to scream, It's finger were wrapped firmly around her neck, cutting off any other attempt at noise...
~Ryan Clauson

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Dark-Frando responds:

thats... gross yet pretty much on the same line as my theme for this song XD very entertaining thank you ^^

and thanks for taking the time to write it all =)

Pretty good

It sounds like it would be in a part of Silent Hill. At least that's what I think.

Dark-Frando responds:

Heh, but I imagine that working on a game like silent hill might mess with your head quite a bit... O.o

Thanks for commenting ^^

Good but not great

sounds like a pice of music from an old scary movie that doesn't really scare me

Dark-Frando responds:

I'll admit that I haven't seen a good scary movie in a VERY long time... but ah well =P

Thanks for taking the time to comment ^^


I loved it. The description that you put down in your author comments where exactly what the song was like. If I had any flash talent then I would use this in a creepy movie, but I can't do that so no luck there. Keep up the good work.


Dark-Frando responds:

people seem to like my idea behind the song so maybe I'll give them a flash to accompany it XD

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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4.27 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2008
10:33 PM EST
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