Cripple Creek(WolfBlitz style)

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I got hold of a banjo (FINALLY!) and i decided to record it
please note: this was the second attempt of recording, it can be better, just need to learn how
I also haven't been playing for a while so it may sound very amateur
may need to place volume up
tell me what you think



I thought this was good, I rekon you should practice a bit more and then record it again. I would love to hear it re done. I rekon you'd be awsomness ^.^
But seriously, you can't play guitar well??? :O
I allways thought that guitar and banjo are similar but I spose It like comparing
Bass guitar to electric guitar. There is a difference=D
Anyways good job mah son


WolfBlitz2 responds:

no I can't play guitar just only a couple of riffs the simple ones like smoke on the water and seven nation army
yeah I'll redo it sometime
need to wait for my banjo to be fixed
still in the music store
I need to practice more I haven't played in awhile
and it was the second time i recorded anything so yeah


i like bluegrass, and can play this song well, but you need to practise.
i liked it, but still,

WolfBlitz2 responds:

yeah i haven't played the banjo in awhile
like i said in my comment
thanks for the response although i have one question what you say after "but still"?
did you missed the ending of your review or something?


"chill" is canadian for "cool", by the way :P
I like the sound banjo has a lot, I hope maybe someday to learn.
Anyway, cool song, keep going!

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WolfBlitz2 responds:

at least it doesn't mean CALM DOWN! XD
nice name for it
it's like saying "frosty" or something right?
You do want to play banjo!?
I thought you lot were being sarcastic about the banjo
now I am feeling more confident
I heard that banjo is harder than playing a guitar
but i have never really learned how to play guitar
I learnt to play banjo properly before guitar
to me guitar is complicated :P
I still don't know how to play guitar
from what i seen how people play banjo compared to bass guitar they look near simmilar
so if you know how to play bass you would probably have good chance at going well at that

Nice job, Wolfblitz!

I think you should stick with the banjo because it sounds like you're having fun there. It's light hearted which I really like. Banjo ftw!

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WolfBlitz2 responds:

thank you for your kindness
is it really that good?
if I get really good I'll....
ummm...... We'll see what happens, yeah?


That made me laugh really hard. I know you were trying to be serious, but most people just don't appreciate Bluegrass. The sound of it just made me laugh! I suggest picking a different category.

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WolfBlitz2 responds:

what as though?
Techno? House?
The thing is did you enjoy it?

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Jan 27, 2008
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