~I Want My Life Back~ -hania

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I recorded this in one go - you can see the video of it on youtube :)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=D I9BTyYjp8s
(remember to delete the space between that newgrounds puts in the link above)


I look but can't see
What choice is to be
I try but I can't see so far
It's just too hard

I wander alone
So blinded by home
I speak to the moon and the stars
Saying it's just too hard.

I want my life back
I want my life back
I want my life how it used to be
Completely free.

I sing of the light
So shiny and bright
But now I can't see int he dark
It's just too hard

I look to the skies
I need no more lies
All I want is straight from the heart
Is that just too hard?

I want my life back
I want my life back
I want my life how it used to be
To be
To be...

I want my life back
I want my life back
I want my life how it used to be
To be
To be...



simply astounding

once again, i happily stumble across you page and have been unquestionably knocked on my ass by your awesomeness.

Your voice is wonderful. Its an addictive candy that, once in your system, eats at you untill you hear more and more of it. If im not careful, i might just become a junkie for your music ;D

Simply wonderful. great piano work, and as always, your voice is great!!!!

le 5/5!!!

Yet another masterpiece.

Gee, you should really go pro. I would collect your CD's worshippingly. (jk, but I'd still like them)

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Still perfect.

You should create more ^^

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One of my favorites.

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Oh, wow.

I think the one major thing that makes all of your music so amazing, besides the perfect melodies, perfect volume, and perfect tempo, is your ability to make your voice loud, but still sound like a whisper. It makes the listener think that, in their sub-conscience, that you are telling them a secret coming from deep within your heart, making the music sound more emotional, but still being loud makes their sub-conscience think "Oh, wow, she really means what she's saying," telling the listener that that point in the song is important and all other parts of the song can be attributed to it. This creates a sort of reaction in the listener's mind making them want to listen to that part of the song over and over again. Now, the meager amount of times you put in the song (3) is not NEARLY enough times for the mind to really think it understands it (even though the meaning is relatively simple). So, you think that once the mind has understood the chorus it moves on, thinking that it understands the song? WRONG! Once the mind has "understood" the chorus fully, it realizes that it has been listening to the part that all the other parts can be attributed to, not the other parts! This changes the mind's entire grasp on the song, because the chorus is obviously a very sad/angry/contemplative part, but if all the other parts are related to it, and their not sad/angry/contemplative, it changes the view on the part that IS. So the sub-conscience forces the conscience to go back and listen a few more times, making this song just plain ADDICTING.

Psychology aside, this is an awesome song. I'm a huge fan of yours, but I've missed a lot because I couldn't get internet connection where I was. to come back and listen to this is a really great experience.

Any typos?

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