(FMC) -=Fire Alarm=-

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I pretty much put together everything i've learned so far in FL into this song, I think it turned out pretty well.

Please review! :D


Really like a 'musical alarm'

Though I did notice some shifts as you added and subtracted layers, I did get an overall sense that it was just too repetitive.

It definitely sounds kinda like a musical alarm when it reaches higher pitches and conversely the pounding beats that start 1:10ish make it sound like a club techno piece for a moment.

Parts of this might work for a level in a shooter or action game. Like maybe something thematically similar to Super Metroid's opening or maybe you're escaping from some enemy spaceships?

But as an instrumental song to listen to for enjoyment... it was too repetitive and unsettling for my liking.

Personally, I think you should turn this into a shorter loop, (1 minute-ish) maintaining the theme you dive into at points and maybe reducing the number of quieter moments (like 1:00). Just an idea.

Might be cool as is, but the level'd need to be long to justify this length of a loop.

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Intresting peice, not only did I like it, but as time went on I began to loath it. IT's way too repeatitive man, you need a little variance, that's what defines songs. And the bit you repeated was really annoying in itself. But in saying that, there's some parts which are quite good. Needs work

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Lil' repititive

I missed a good bass, and i missed variation. I got really bored after about one minute. so Try working on that. try using some different synths too. cause it looks like it's about two or three different synths. The main melody was good, but overused. So...
Good job


Needs some more of something...

- Good stuff -
Alot of alternating notes and it sort of gave it a escape effect. The slow ending was rather pleasant.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
Could of done with a really fast pumping bassline to give it more danger. It could of had the essence of a fire in here awell with some swishing sounds or something. More variation for this length of audio because it has alot of room and it didn't chnage. Some more work on the looping aswell it was too sudden but I suppose it dosn't really sound like a looping song.

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Not enough urgency...

For this piece to sound like an alarm, you really do need to ratchett up the tempo and maybe even increase the pitch of the notes. Reminds me more of people trying to escape from a prison, for example.

Nice length on this tune and a good use of the scales in this particular tune. It didn't really loop that well, which was dissapointing. More work on that is definately required, but with the fact that the tune is 3 minutes long, you've given us a chance to forget about it between loops.

More variation is a must for a track this long.

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Jan 25, 2008
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