Empty Streets

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(NOTE: this song is under AMBIENT. Although many of you will realize this, there are a few who will grade the song low for not being rock or hip-hop enough for them. Please don't, it only makes you look stupid)

An atmospheric loop based upon those situations where something is TOO quiet. With a little added 'sinisterness' I'm pretty sure you can imagine for yourself WHY such places are quiet...

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I absolutely love the dark atmosphere this creates. It's fantastic, and not over the top. I like creepy tracks like this.
I just wanted to ask if it would be alright to use this piece in an RPG game I'm making? It's not a huge thing, just a minor project. I'd credit you. If you could get back to me that'd be great.

Mmm...good stuff

Sets a definite mood, can easily see scenes from Resident Evil or other survival horror games in this.


!!! Wow. Uber Scary. The Bass and (Chellos) reminded me of Dooms 4th level.

On my mind: I'm in a waste treatment facillity, i come to a security door, Something is behind it.... trying to smash is way out and eat my face. As i look around, I find a vent, filled with the smell of rotting corpses, Neglegent to go in, I do so anyway, Only to find a dead security officer with his Pistol in his hand,which is seperated from his body, I wretch at mere sight, Let alone prying the gun away, which made me vomit within the vent. Frightened, and only 6 rounds in the gun, I push forward into the vents, Finding a fan, with a decapitated body below it. As I make my way around the fan, i finnaly get out of the vent, and into the room the creature is in. I panic, But staying quiet, thinking it cant hear over the scraping and banging he is doing on the metal door. The door behind him is open, and i sneak through, I am tempted to shoot the beast, But my logic says "It is too tough, Shooting it will order a vasectomy and a claw to the face, Killing you." So i push on, ready to piss my pants. I come to a security door with a label "Emergency Exit". I am about to shriek in happiness , then realizing power is on for the door, so if i open it, an alarm will sound, Alerting the beast to a free meal. So i try to find a way out." And, well, All of my ideas will not fit into the box, so Ill leave it at that. THAT.. Is whats in my head when i listen to this.

Dark-Frando responds:

Nice interpretation... Alot of detail going through your brain there for a mere song.. thought about writing for a career? =D

Thanks for the review!

OMG, Super Kool and scary

I like the kind of music that scares me. I downloaded it and forgot to turn off the one playing online, so when i turned it off...IT KEEPT PLAYING!!!! Scared me so much!

Overall good music

Dark-Frando responds:

ha ha XD way to freak yourself out man =P

Thanks for commenting on the song ^^ appreciated!

I see...

A single little girl, walking down a bloody corridor, the lights flickering on and off. The sounds of footsteps are down the corridor, but the door behind her stuck shut. The footsteps get louder, and the sound heavy breathing is heard. She trys to hide in the shaded corner when a hand slides past the wall, and a head, obscured by hair, comes into veiw. The person has tattered clothes, and is breathing heavily. The little girl sees a wound on the persons arm, that for some reason, isn't bleeding. She walks up carefully, and the person turns toward. The hair moves aside....and the person is missing half the flesh on their face, with only a single eye, that is white with death, and their teeth exposed because they have no lips....

That's what it makes me think of...Except it would have the classic "Oh fuck, I'm going to die!" music near the end....Awesome song...Reminds me of Resident Evil, in the police station, walking down the hall when the dogs smash through the windows...

Dark-Frando responds:

Gah not the dogs! I hated them! D=<

But apart from that it looks like I've started invitations to tell what you feel the music implies to you =P niiiiice. Doesn't help I'm easy to creep out >.<

Thanks for the detailed review XD

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Jan 20, 2008
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