Karco - Apology (Trance Remix)

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Yep, it's another trance remix of old composition, though very different from my last one. It's an old song - I actually finished it about a month ago, mostly during a night when the song practically made itself. I didn't submit it, though, as it was one of those songs I made for myself - now, a while later, I don't really have any specific reason to submit it but I figured it would be a waste not to.

There are a couple interesting features to this song that, in a way, make it more an experiment than anything else. It's not particularly fast, or meant to be fast, but you'll have to listen closely if you want to keep up... it's something you may or may not like, so listen to this with an open mind.


i like your style

i really like your style of constructing songs, but the bass here sounded, well not bassy =P it didnt add anything to the song really...

but the rest is very good, the soundquality is ok, and its really a good remix, well done =]

keep it up man!

Karco responds:

I was going for a less bassy bass to help with the overall feeling of the song... I thought it added plenty. If you don't like it, that's fine, I don't like this song anyway. :P

Thanks for the review!

Love it.

Yah i must say i have to agree with michaeljetfire...I actualy really like
these slower trance songs and i think this one was great...I'm sure
it could get repetitive to some but i guess i like that kind of thing
if the song is good...and i think this one is :D Good job.

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it. :) Thanks for the review.


I really hated the original of this song, to be honest. And then I saw that you reworked it and got excited, and seriously, this song could be a really amazing song if you wanted to put a little more effort into it. I like certain PARTS of this song, particularily the melody and the bass line. But I mean really, SBB is right, it gets boring too fast and is too repetitive. I'm sure you've read that to death in the reviews for this song, so I kinda tried not to say it.

Really, though, you should try to breathe some life into it. It starts out alright, and by the first minute you're already bored. I mean the melody is good, and if you want mindless background noise then it's awesome. The part in the middle where it kinda drops off and is just the piano is unecessary and irrelevant. Furthermore, it disrupts the entire flow of the song.

I really love the melody though, and I really wish you would breathe new life into this song, because it could be a masterpiece. <3

Karco responds:

Yeah... I thought the original was good at the time that I made it, now it just sounds really crappy and noobish. :I I HAVE read the diversity complaints for this song to death, though! XD The song was rushed, and I guess this is what I get for it.

Problem is, there's no life to be breathed in. The inspiration died a few months ago. :\

I guess that's what remixes are for! :D

Thanks for the review, glad you liked the parts that you did. :)


not as good as ur others. Kinda repetetive middle made me sad for some reason, and once again, a sad thing in a video game... not a bad thing tho

Karco responds:

I agree, this isn't my best, mostly because it WAS repetitive. Thanks for the review. :)


i like it. I've heard songs like this before. Its quite diffrent from other trance/techno songs... but for some odd reason... i basicly like everything in it. I cant tell why... the sound... its just relaxing really. every now and then... i need a song to relax to... and this one, even though being trance... is still a good relaxing kind of song to me.

Karco responds:

Hmm, I like the relaxing idea, in a sense it was what I was aiming for! :D Thanks for the review, glad you like it. :)

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