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When i started this song it started in a different direction but then the more i got into it the more it reminded me of old school video games i used to play so i went with it. Please remember that it doesn't sound like or was written to mimic any of the old school actual songs in games, it just has an old school feel to it.


im not too sure, but anyway...

this song lacks melody. gotta make it like the old school games that have those intence melodies :D
like... mario for instance. i love the songs on mario.
Melody - what i do to make a good melody, is use FL Keys, place notes in the same row, but like... one is a C note, and the other a G. then i listen to it, decide wut emotion comes to mind, then keep going like that.
Kick - i usually replace the normal Kick with Fruit Kick, then turn it to Low. turn both Dec. and A Dec. up all the way, turn the feed to the first notch, and finally make the time between notes Zero.
Bass - for the bass, i use 3xOsc and change the first two rows into that backwards N... ull see it. i make it match the melody, make sure its an octave or two lower tho...
Precusion - I LOVE using Fruity Drumsynth Live. its amazing for the type of music i produce. just mess around with patterns in that, then for added effect, i use the Snare instrument. it has a great presence in any song. try it out :D
Synths i love to use - here is a list of the synths i use: -in Sytrus- Eurogate, Chip 3, Detuned Saw, Euroarp, Formant, Moogish, Metal, Plunk, Dream Bell, Hell, Music Box, Celestial, Deformed, Fat Saw, Gold Saw, Platinium Saw and Siler Saw.

I hope i have helped you in some way, because i gave u a taste of how i make my music :D
i hope we can become friends, Sanryd.
Peace out.

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Sanryd responds:

and thanks again for a review... AND WHAT A REVIEW>>> HOLY COW... very long and detailed... YOU ROCK! and thanks for telling me how to make music... i just actually got FL studios, and made a song and some demos.... but ur advice will help me get me on my way. THANKS AGAIN. Once i finish a good song i'll let u know what i did.


A nice rythmical track. Smooth music, good progressive flow all the way through and a nice amibent techno rythem. I like it, keep up the great work!


Sanryd responds:

lol, ur funny cyberdevil... thanks for the review.


This song reminded me of one game right at the beginning. I don't remember it's name. It was like that island game you could ride a skateboard and throw axes, maybe you remember the name of the song. I liked it.

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