The Call of Ktulu Orchestra

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EDIT **3/12**: Reached #15 on greatest tracks of all time. That is so awesome! Thanks guys! :)

Ok. This took me a shitload of time to do. With the transcribing, recording correctly, mixing, and writing the orchestra and all that. I even skipped homework altogether a few nights to create this masterpiece and deliver it to you guys. My grades might suffer and this is possibly my best work so far so I expect reviews! Come on! I'm a musician! All I want is for someone to review my work!

Basically, this is a rearrangement of Metallica's "The Call of Ktulu," one of the most symphonic metal songs ever created. I was listening to the song one day and started to imagine a full orchestra, a choir, and a band (guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums) playing altogether to create a tight ensemble, like in Metallica's "S&M" concert (the concept inspired me to create this).

What I had in mind was the orchestra emphasizing the music already written and the choir singing the chords and singing something in German, mainly because I'm inspired mostly by German composers like J.S. Bach and Beethoven, that has to do with the beast in the story, "The Call of Chutulu," before the main solo comes in. But I have no idea how to write a choir on the computer so this is the best I can do for now. If you know how to do that, please let me know and I WILL write the choir for this song and resubmit it!

I replaced the the guitar with keyboard because keyboard is the only instrument type I know how to play, so the keyboard plays lead so all the guitar does is play the chords and emphasize some riffs.

I've also made some noticeable rearrangements in the song. The guitar solo is not keyboard-friendly so I rearranged it so that it is playable on a keyboard with no pitch-bending ability with the melody still in tact.

So please, if you like this song, review it, download it, and show it to people you like.

If you don't, review it, download it anyway, and show it to people you don't like :)

That's all I have to say for now. I won't take up anymore of your time. Enjoy! And PLEASE review!

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I got goosebumps!

nice work

I really don't approve of your grades slipping at all, and I think you went a little too fast for this song and it's not that complete on my standards. You left out notes to simplyfy certain parts and unfortinatly it resulted in the sound getting lost as a result. 0:50-1:15 There were things that don't quite match up with this song either. at around it does not give enough suspense. You were playing at quarter note being at around 120 bpm. In reality it was about 80 bpm. You got the rit too late. It happened. At about 7:50 the song is jkusjt blown out of my mind. The cover is not the best that is out there. however, nice work. Hint: High school will be NO joke. Also, be sure you contribute the artist or else a flag WILL go up on my next time that I see this or any other song that is a cover. SPREAD THE WORD!

adompeace responds:

My grades are fine! I'm in college now so this project didn't completely kill me.

This was 3 or 4 years ago and I've matured musically since so whatever. I was in a phase where I wrote really shitty music but I was so proud of it because it was mine (as you can tell from the long ass description) so forgive me lol.

Great sound to it

But I'm not a big fan of having the keyboard replace the lead guitar. It just sounds too weird in my ears without the guitar doing the lead. Not saying it's bad in the least, just not my cup of tea.

Still great!

My ears are kicking my ass.

If I believed in heaven and hell....and was killed and sent to this fictitious place 'hell' and forced to remain in an elevator for all eternity....this is what would be playing on the overhead speaker in said elevator. This mock-up is absolutely void of any human feeling. It is as if I died and went on to midi hell. Did you point and click the whole piece together cutting and pasting along the way? You need to breath some life into this thing. It is great that you can either buy the 'Ride the Lightning' song book or down load the tabs online, then copy the notes into your midi program but where is your contribution? Please try again! : (

adompeace responds:

Well, as the description says, download it and show it to people you don't like! XD


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