.:Out of Time:.

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If there's something I hate about myself it's my lack of patience and dedication. I started working on this song yesterday, and after working on it the whole day, I'm finally submitting it. I wanted to work on this more, but I'm short of ideas, inspiration, and mental energy. Out of Time...what can I say about the name? Not much really, just decided it'd be good because it's a fast paced song (listen to all of it, seriously). I tried adding some strings, but I failed miserably at it, so I took them out. The second "solo" is something I whipped out after experimenting a little, definitely had fun with that.

All votes and reviews are appreciated as usual, the favour will be returned ;)




I rather like the piano part. It flows smoothly from one phrase to another. I think the drum samples were a bit distracting though...it was an interesting idea to put them in for variation but they sounded too...artificial? I don't know, I didn't like the snare.

I guess if it were a piece with piano only, it'd sound too basic. Next time you could try to include more instruments.

Good job on this piece, and keep making more!

GronmonSE responds:

Y'know, I hadn't realized I was reviewing one of your songs at the time, no wonder it sounded so good :D

I'm almost embarrased now for asking you to check out my song ^ ^; Sorry for not answering your PM before, I've been somewhat busy. Don't underestimate yourself, you're quite good. You're not arrogant either :P

Indeed, it sounded too plain without the drums. Thanks for the review.

A mix of styles

Very cool piece, it has lots of classical influences but a popish feel at the same time.

Lovely beautiful chord progression on the piano, melodies are well sequenced and have a nice sound. Drum beats are pretty decent. It would be nice to hear some more realistic samples then the default FPC drums, but it doesnt take much away from the track.

I think you could use different patterns in this track to make a more interesting progression and to break the repetiveness. Like the drum loop in the beginning is well suitable for a buildup, but you could've have included a snare hit on the 3rd beat every few bars or so and gradually create a more complex rhythm. The patterns during the faster parst sound really nice man, although I would like to see some more hi-hat work (with open hats), and make sure to include dynamics next time around as well.

again, piano sounds damn nice, I like the solo work very much, and it flows very gracely. The lower chord sequence could use some more variation, both melody wise and rhythmically (try placing shorter chords and lighter chords between the main chords you have right now).

I also think this could use another instrument or two, some soft, slow strings would add a nice backing (I know you said you failed at this, but maybe just one note progressions to mimic the lower chord tones should work smoothly, it doesnt have to be complex) , and maybe the piano soloing could be switched with a flute or some other wind now and then.

anyways, this a great base to make a more complete track from, keep up the good work! I hope my suggestions help!

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GronmonSE responds:

Thanks for the thorough review ^ ^

Aha, FPC indeed. I never bothered downloading sound packs, I don't know why. It's probably because I'm lazy :P But yes, I should probably get some drum packs.

I had considered adding a snare on the 3rd beat every few bars, but I ditched the idea. A bad decision indeed, it could have added more variation as you mentioned. Open hi-hats, I don't think I've ever used them before, except on a couple of techno songs. Another good detail that I always forget to add ^ ^

Dynamics, the eternal problem. Despite the slight mastering job in my tracks, they are never polished enough, and dynamics are something I've never bothered working on for the simple fact that, regardless of how easy they may seem, I have a hard time adding them. It's definitely one of my weak spots.

Thanks for the compliments regarding the piano work, it's the only thing I'm decent at ^ ^; I'll try adding more variation to the chords as well, I have a bad habit of using common chord progressions :P

About the strings, I tried mimicking the lower chord tones (it's the simplest thing to do of course), but my string packs aren't very good, hence why I ditched them. Same goes for my wind instruments, tis truly a shame.

Again, thanks for the thorough review, it's really appreciated.


like that part around :50
the entire things great, kinda long though
i like the title, ur rite it describes the song
hard to do that with no lyrics

GronmonSE responds:

Thanks mate ^ ^

Yeah, it's hard unless you put your soul into it.

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