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Why the Night p8

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Author Comments

This one is a little more serious and personal to me, and certainly has deeper meaning in its lyrics compared to my other songs. So... I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening.


You should write the lyrics on your comments

You have a good voice, or the person you hired to sing for you. People want to follow on your music.

Now for this music's review.

Good lyrics (voice, script)
Good mix of instruments
Enjoyable and able to listen more than once

Not as good syncing as the lyrics could be
Unedited (distortions, back sounds, guitar tuning, etc.)
Voice usage [breath in-haling/ex-haling, unnecessary voice pitching (crescendo, etc/fortissimo, etc)

I'll keep you in my artist favorites, but picking ALL of your songs stuffs up my audio favorites. (Yes, all of your audio submissions deserve to be favored)

Make more, I say, make more!

LenardNotLenny responds:

Yeah. I created this song a while ago, and my Garageband skills were not as confident as they are now. After getting a decent version of Talking to Myself up, I'm going to re-do this one. And I will post lyrics...


Great little song here, good guitar work, quite a bit distorted though, I think it needed to be a little more cleaned up compared to the rest of the clean soundingness of the vocals and drums. But the vocals were good, lyrics were quite interesting too. Greatsong :D

=Review Request Club=

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LenardNotLenny responds:

I know what you mean. The levels contrast to much. Thanks for the review.

needs a tad more clarity imo

I like the intro beats and guitar. The melody of your vocals is cool too. Not too sure about the harder beats that come in when you start singing though.

I liked the melody that came in at 58s, but it kinda sounds like it has some static or is badly recorded or something - the tune as a whole just isn't that clear at that point.

I think your vocals need a bit more strength to them, spit out the lyrics and let us hear those consenants, get a bit more power...

I actually felt at times that if this were cleaned up a bit it could be a cool track. reminds me of the vibe of some other pro groups, though which ones... that escapes me.

Anyways, good work. Just needs a tad more clarity imo and maybe some more development with the drums and bg melodies.

.:Review Request Club:.

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Again, I need to record this song with an actual band, with some decent mics for this song to reach its full potential. And I'm no vocalist, but I have been trying to get my voice stronger, and unfortunately, I haven't written a song in a while where I can stress that... but yeah. Thanks a lot for the feedback.


It's always nice to hear a song in the audio portal that has lyrics, I also thought the voice sounded familer here and it does after looking at your audio list, I'll reviewed one of your others. Anyway, that aside, this one is very good, the distortion kind of works in this one, much better than it did in last one, so good job on that, the singing is also very good in this, good job with that.

The instruments are played very well in this and the length is good here, nice use of that, pretty standared amount of time I'd think but good all the same. The opening and the end are also very good, so are the breaks with no singing. Very nice work on this.



= Review Request Club =

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LenardNotLenny responds:

Thanks a lot. The one thing that I believe that will improve this song, is to actually preform it with a real band. I think it would make it sound a lot more complete and finished. That's a lot for the support!

One of the few with lyrics.

- Good stuff -
Not many songs have lyrics in the Newgrounds Audio Portal. The lyrics were really nice and all of the backround music was nicley put togethere, especially the high picthced sounds which were put in the right places and then withdrawn at the good times. The voicing was very easy to understand because of it being done in a good enviroment. Really nice ending because it stops abruptly where as alot of songs either loop it badly or end it too abruptly. You got it right though. ^^

- Bad stuff and improvments -
The guitar that was amped was a bit too fuzzed up, so you need to maybe lower it. Needs to have better sound quality because it was a bit dodgy when the over-amped guitar was covering the voicing up a bit too much, a little over-amp is sometimes nice if it's put into the right atmostphere.

= Review Request Club =

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LenardNotLenny responds:

I can pretty much respond to this with... look at my response to Haggard's review. Thanks a lot for reviewing!

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2008
12:06 PM EST
File Info
4 MB
3 min 33 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.